ROCKLAND — The Knox County Sheriff’s Office staff has been forced to move out of its offices because of a series of environmental problems.

The first problem occurred in early March when there was a sewer backup that flooded half of the county-owned building on upper Park Street where the sheriff’s patrol is housed. A second sewer backup occurred later in the year.

The county believes it has solved the sewer problem.

There is also a drainage problem where water pools outside and the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is located in the shade next to the wet area. That has resulted in high humidity inside the building with the equipment sucking in the moist air. This was timed during a summer that already was more humid than average.

Recently over a long weekend, deputies returned and found mold in lockers and then throughout offices. The patrol and civil division were moved out about three weeks ago.

Some offices have been moved to the adjacent jail building . The civil division is working out of a trailer in the parking lot. Deputies work largely out of their cruisers.

The county has put in for reimbursement from insurance.