The last remaining single-family house located on the water side of downtown Rockland was sold two weeks ago.

The home had been in the Dondis family for nearly a century. Edith Dondis, who was born in the house in June 1920, died in December 2020.

The estate sold the home on Sept. 28, 2021, according to a filing in the Knox County Registry of Deeds, to Till, LLC with an address of Ginn Point Road in Owls Head. The home, assessed by the city for $249,600, sold for $375,000.

The house was built in 1780, according to city assessment records. The house has a footprint of 1,360 square feet with an attached garage. The house is surrounded by commercial buildings.

Edith Dondis recalled in earlier interviews with the Courier-Gazette that when she was a child, Tillson Avenue was a melting pot filled with homes, many of which had been grand in their earlier days, as well as shops. She said Tillson Avenue was a community of its own with people of every nationality and every language.

She said during the Great Depression in the 1930s, no one in the neighborhood had money, but everyone watched out for each other.

Her mother arrived in the United States in 1900 at the age of 10 from the Poland/Russia area. Her father had come as an infant in the late 1800s from the Ukraine.

Her father also ran a candy store adjacent to the historic Strand Theatre. Her uncle and later a cousin, Meredith Dondis, operated the Strand for nearly 80 years.

A telephone message was left for the new owner.

Edith Dondis was honored on her 100th birthday in June 2020 at the family homestead on Tillson Avenue.

The 11 Tillson Ave. home from the 1950s. City of Rockland