WALDOBORO — A former Waldoboro resident is hoping someone has her quilt, a treasured gift from her family that was accidentally donated to Goodwill in Rockland.

“My heart aches just thinking about it,” Valerie Greene said. “I hope some kind people will help us out.”

Greene moved from Waldoboro to Cancun, Mexico, in July 2019.

Her step-sister, Angela Poole, made the quilt for Greene as a gift. Poole resides in Missouri, and the two siblings have not seen each other for 15 years.

The quilt includes hand-stitched panels of Greene’s cats and a view of the Medomak River from Greene’s art studio in Waldoboro.

The back of the quilt is a piece Poole created during a “last quilter standing” contest. Poole won the contest after quilting for 58 hours straight with no sleep.

Greene and Poole made several attempts to get together after the quilt was completed, but Greene said the pandemic made it impossible.

The two women then tried to make shipping arrangements for the quilt.

Greene said they nixed sending it to Mexico for fear it might never arrive. So the gift was sent from Missouri to Waldoboro, to a friend who was going to visit Greene. That visit never happened, however.

In September, Greene was planning to attend her brothers wedding in Missouri and have the quilt shipped there. COVID-19 cancelled that trip as well.

Now, the quilt is missing, believed to be donated to Goodwill accidentally.

“We would be ecstatic if this were found,” Greene said. She added that she would happily reimburse the buyer for their purchase and would have the quilt picked up.

Greene can be contacted by email at vgreeneartist@gmail.com.