We’re in the fog soup now. Mercury is indeed retrograde until October 18. Our minds are not as clear as they were a week or so ago.

Mercury turned retrograde on September 27. It’s calculated by astronomers as moving backwards. It’s not actually moving backwards. Mercury is moving much slower than usual which is why it’s termed retrograde. Remember to take care of electrical devices, vehicles, and improve your communication skills. Misunderstandings take place. Legal documents should not be signed during this phase. Wait until after October 18 when Mercury will turn direct. Do all the preparation necessary before signing a document. If not, you may be dealing with mistakes that were made and left unnoticed.

October 1 until October 3 you’ll be having interesting thoughts that come and go. Mercury is in a superfine aspect with Jupiter. You don’t need to take action right now. These thoughts might have to do with creating a successful flow financially in the near future. Take your time to allow yourself to further develop the amazing thoughts that are arising. You will be glad that you did. Start a folder, take notes. Don’t assume you’ll remember these ideas because you won’t with Mercury retrograde. Assumptions are never helpful.

October 4 until October 5 your thinking will be foggy. Mercury (retrograde) is in a challenging aspect to Neptune. This aspect whenever in effect is always problematic because it stimulates confusion. This would not be the time to make an important decision. You could be influenced to take action that is not right.

October 5 – 7 Mars is in an awkward aspect with Uranus which is known to be an accident-prone time. Be careful. Don’t space out, especially while driving. This aspect suggests impatience and irritability getting in the way of being present in the moment. Risky actions are foolish now. If you react in anger to what someone says it could create problems.

October 6 is the New Moon with the Sun and Moon in Libra. Mercury and Mars are close by also in Libra, adding intensity to this New Moon cycle. The New Moon cycle lasts until the next New Moon, which will be November 4. With Uranus in an awkward aspect to the New Moon we can expect this cycle to be chaotic. Plans change. What you assume will take place won’t. Lies and cover-ups will be revealed. Stay tuned. This is not an emotionally stable phase. Do what you know helps you to stay grounded and sane.

October 7 – November 5 is when Venus is in Sagittarius. It will be commonplace to daydream about the future and how it could be more pleasing than now. Thinking about places to travel to someday might be comforting, even if you know you might never get there. I enjoy studying locations all over the globe on the internet. I’ve researched Bulgaria and Romania. These are places I know I won’t go to. I was curious to explore if they have cell towers and 5G there. Yup. I’ve had fun in the past learning about Cape May, NJ wondering if they have nice dunes and waves there. Then mysteriously a few weeks later I was invited to a group Spiritual retreat there, and I went. This was in 2016. Yes, the waves and dunes were fantastic, just as I hoped they’d be. The nunnery we stayed at, across the street from the ocean, has since been sold to a commercial owner to create a money-making business. This seems to be the way of life nowadays.