WALDOBORO — In early September, Bayview Bushwhackers saw an opportunity to win a diamond title slip through their gloves in the Midcoast Adult Coed Softball League so, about a month later, the squad redeemed itself when it captured the Waldoboro Recreation Department’s fall league crown.

No. 2 Bayview Bushwhackers (14-2) needed the “if” game to accomplish their goal, but did so with a championship victory over No. 4 Quit Your Pitching (14-5) on Sunday, Oct. 3 at Sukeforth Field.

Quit Your Pitching’s Micah Williamson. Photo by Ken Waltz

The double-elimination playoff tournament originally was scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 25-26, but rain forced the second day to be postponed until Oct. 3. While wet condition still were part of the equation on Sunday, games with the six remaining teams did get played.

Bayview Bushwhackers included Ryan Blackman, Mallory Conary, Dalton Oakes, Desiree Benner, Brian Blackman, Corey Belcher, Eric Palin, Mike Longley, Josh Bodman, Mike Catalano, Joe Nelsen, Heath Commeau, Amanda Catalano and Chris Hart.

Quit Your Pitching, which won as many postseason games as it did in the regular season (seven), included Micah Williamson, Andrea Williamson, Brent Curtis, Morgan Achorn, Marcus Benner, Danielle Nelson, Zach Pease, Taylor Williamson, Dwayne Nuebig, Rachelle Neubig, Steven York, Jeremy Byrd and Geoff Dawson.

Bayview Bushwhacker Dalton Oakes. Photo by Ken Waltz

On Sunday, Quit Your pitching came out of the loser’s bracket and beat Bushwhackers 11-4 in the first game of the potential two final games. Bushwhackers returned the favor and rebounded for an 8-5 victory in the winner-take-all finale.

It was the first year since 2015 Benchwarmers and South of the Border, which turned into Brooks Trap Mill, were not in the finals together and the first year since 2009 neither of those were in the finals, said Marcus Benner, town recreation director.

In game one of Sunday’s two finales, after falling behind 3-0 in the first inning, Quit Your Pitching battled back to plate two runs in the fourth, four in the fifth on two-run homers by Micah Williamson and Brent Curtis, as well as one run in the sixth and four in the seventh.

Bushwhackers added a final run in the seventh.

For Quit Your Pitching, Micah Williamson (3 hits), Andrea Williamson (2 hits), Brent Curtis (4 hits), Morgan Achorn (hit/walk), Marcus Benner (hit), Danielle Nelson (hit) and Dwayne Nuebig (2 hits) led the charge.

For Bushwhackers, Ryan Blackman (hit), Dalton Oakes (walk), Desiree Benner (hit/walk), Brian Blackman (hit) and Mike Longley (hit) were keys.

Bayview Bushwhacker Desiree Benner. Photo by Ken Waltz

In game two, the winner-take-all finale, Bushwhackers built an early lead over weary Quit Your Pitching, which five games on Sunday, and pulled out an 8-5 victory.

Bushwhackers plated two runs in the first inning, while Quit Your Pitching answered with a two-run homer in the second by Steven York. Bushwhackers went back ahead on a two-run homer by Desiree Benner in the third.

Bushwhackers made it 5-2 in the fourth, added two more runs in the fifth to make it 7-2 and another in the top of the sixth to grab an 8-2 advantage. In the bottom of the sixth Morgan Achorn and Marcus Benner hit back-to-back solo home runs, while another run scored later to make it 8-5 after six.

Bayview Bushwhacker Mike Catalano. Photo by Ken Waltz

For Bushwhackers, Ryan Blackman (2 hits), Mallory Conary (2 hits), Dalton Oakes (2 hits), Desiree Benner (hit), Brian Blackman (hit), Corey Belcher (hit), Joe Nelsen (hit), Mike Longley (hit), Mike Catalano (2 hits), Josh Bodman (2 hits) keyed the offense.

For Quit Your Pitching, Micah Williamson (2 hits), Morgan Achorn (2 hits/walk), Marcus Benner (3 hits), Steven York (hit), Zach Pease (2 hits), Taylor Williamson (hit) and Dwayne Neubig (2 hits) were keys.

Just as the postseason tournament appeared to sail along over the Sept. 25-26 weekend, Mother Nature decided to do what she often does best — namely, spoil the outdoor party.

Bayview Bushwhacker Mallory Conary. Photo by Ken Waltz

So, despite the best efforts to complete the playoffs in September, rain made it necessary for a handful of teams — six to be exact — to return to play the final games of the tournament on Oct. 3.

Teams that remained in the playoffs when the day began on Oct. 3 included: No. 1 Knox County Benchwarmers, No. 2 Bayview Bushwhackers, No. 3 Lil’ Truckahs, No. 4 Quit Your Pitching, No. 5 B52’s and No. 9 High Tek.

Interestingly, Benchwarmers and Bushwhackers, who met in the summer’s Midcoast Adult Coed Softball championship (Benchwarmers won), started their final winner’s bracket game before it had to be postponed due to rain on Sept. 25. At the time, Bushwhackers led 5-2 and the contest resumed in the fourth inning on Oct. 3, as Bushwhackers eventually won to earn a spot in the final.

Also on Oct. 3, the outcomes before the finales were: Bushwhackers beat Benchwarmers, Quit Your Pitching beat Lil’ Truckahs, B52’s beat High Tek, Quit Your Pitching beat B52’s and Quit Your Pitching beat Benchwarmers to make it to the final games.

Bayview Bushwhacker Joe Nelsen. Photo by Ken Waltz

Postseason games were played in Nobleboro, Friendship and a handful of sites in Waldoboro, including Sukeforth, Foster, Medomak Valley High School and Medomak Middle School.

The final regular-season standings included: Knox County Benchwarmers, 9-1, .900, 151 runs for and 37 runs against; Bayview Bushwhackers, 9-1, .900, 123 and 43; Lil’ Truckahs, 9-1, .900, 119 and 55; Quit Your Pitching, 7-3, .700, 124 and 62; B52’s, 6-4, .600, 102 and 60; Hammerheads, 6-4, .600, 131 and 74; Brooks Trap Mill, 5-5, .500, 98 and 83; ABI Masonry, 5-5, .500, 79 and 78; High Tek, 5-5, 118 and 90; DX, 4-6, .400, 85 and 111; Rockland Ford, 3-7, .300, 84 and 144; Waggy’s Woodworks, 3-7, .300, 65 and 119; Rough Diamonds, 3-7, .300, 58 and 121; Maine-ly Pawn, 1-9, .100, 35 and 111; and Bonnie’s Place, 0-10, .000, 41 and 225.

The outcomes of previous playoff games included: ABI Masonry beat High Tek, B52’s beat Waggy’s Woodworks, Quit Your Pitching beat Rough Diamonds, Lil’ Truckahs beat Maine-ly Pawn, Hammerheads beat Rockland Ford, Brooks Trap Mill beat DX, Bayview Bushwhackers beat Bonnie’s Place, Benchwarmers beat ABI Masonry, B52’s beat Quit Your Pitching, Lil’ Truckahs beat Hammerheads, Bayview Bushwhackers beat Brooks Trap Mill, Bayview Bushwhackers beat Lil’ Truckahs, Benchwarmers beat B52’s, Rockland Ford beat Maine-ly Pawn, DX beat Bonnie’s Place, Rough Diamonds beat Waggy’s Woodworks, Rough Diamonds beat Hammerheads, High Tek beat Brook’s Trap Mill, ABI Masonry beat High Tek, Quit Your Pitching beat Rockland Ford, Quit Your Pitching beat ABI Masonry and High Tek beat Rough Diamonds.

The scores from regular-season games were: B52’s 12, Hammerheads 11
; Waggy’s Woodworks 6, Maine-ly Pawn 3
; High Tek 10, Benchwarmers 5; 
ABI Masonry 7, Maine-ly Pawn 0
; Quit Your Pitching 9, DX 3
; Lil’ Truckahs 5, ABI 4; 
Lil’ Truckahs 13, Quit Your Pitching 12
; DX 14, Brooks Trap Mill 9
; Bayview Bushwhackers 18, Bonnie’s Place 1
; Brooks Trap Mill 13, Rockland Ford 9; 
Waggy’s Woodworks 7, ABI Masonry 6
; Quit Your Pitching 18, Rough Diamonds 0; 
High Tek 7, Maine-ly Pawn 1
; ABI Masonry 11, High Tek 9
; Lil’  Truckahs 14, Mainly Pawn 4
; Benchwarmers 35, Bonnie’s Place 1
; Quit Your Pitching 18, Waggy’s Woodworks 9
; B52’s 30, Bonnie’s Place 6
; Bayview Bushwhackers 11, Waggy’s Woodworks 0
; B52’s 6, Brooks Trap Mill 3
; Rockland Ford 13, Rough Diamonds 3; 
Hammerheads 7, Brooks Trap Mill 2
; DX 13, Rockland Ford 5
; Hammerheads 28, Rockland Ford 3
; ABI Masonry 15, Rockland Ford 1; Lil’ Truckahs 13, Rough Diamonds 4
; Rough Diamonds 19, Bonnie’s Place 3; 
Lil’ Truckahs 10, High Tek 6
; DX 10, Waggy’s Woodworks 8
; Hammerheads 12, High Tek 10
; Benchwarmers 22, Maine-ly Pawn 1
; Hammerheads 24, DX 7
; Quit Your Pitching 3, B52’s 2
; Brooks Trap Mill 7, Bayview Bushwhackers 6
; Rough Diamonds 11, DX 6
; Bayview Bushwhackers 7, Quit Your Pitching 5; 
High Tek 25, Bonnie’s Place 0
; Bayview Bushwhackers 15, Rockland Ford 5; 
Hammerheads 16, Maine-ly Pawn 14
; High Tek 12, Waggy’s Woodworks 5
; Quit Your Pitching 13, Bonnie’s Place 8
; Benchwarmers 13, DX 4
; Benchwarmers 9, Lil’ Truckahs 1
; ABI 7, DX 5
; Lil’ Truckahs 12, Brooks Trap Mill 10
; Rockland Ford 21, Bonnie’s Place 5
; Benchwarmers 17, Brooks Trap Mill 2
; B52’s 9, Maine-ly Pawn 0
; Benchwarmers 11, B52’s 6
; Waggy’s Woodworks 12, Rough Diamonds 9
; Lil Truckahs 11, B52’s 1
; Hammerheads 16, Waggy’s Woodworks 2
; Quit Your Pitching 25, High Tek 11
; Bayview Bushwhackers 7, Hammerheads 5
; DX 22, Bonnie’s Place 10
; Bayview Bushwhackers 26, Rough Diamonds 1
; Maine-ly Pawn 11, Bonnie’s Place 7
; Brooks Trap Mill 18, Maine-ly Pawn 0
; Benchwarmers 17, ABI Masonry 8
; Lil’ Truckahs 9, Hammerheads 5; 
Bayview Bushwhackers 15, High Tek 9; 
Brooks Trap Mill 20, ABI Masonry 9; 
B52’S 15, Rough Diamonds 3
; Quit Your Pitching 18, Rockland Ford 5
; Bayview Bushwhackers 11, B52’s 6
; Benchwarmers 4, Quit Your Pitching 3; 
Bayview Bushwhackers 7, ABI Masonry 4; 
Benchwarmers 18, Waggy’s Woodworks 1
; ABI Masonry 8, Hammerheads 7
; B52’S 15, DX 1
; Rockland Ford 16, Waggy’s Woodworks 15
; Rough Diamonds 5, Maine-ly Pawn 1; High Tek 19, Rockland Ford 6
; Brooks Trap Mill 14, Rough Diamonds 3; and 
Lil’ Truckahs 31, Bonnie’s Place 0.

ayview Bushwhackers, 2021 champions of the Waldoboro Recreation Department’s adult coed softball league. Photo courtesy of Marcus Benner

Quit Your Pitching, runners-up in the coed softball tournament. Photo courtesy of Marcus Benner