ROCKLAND — Rockland City Manager Tom Luttrell said an engineering report is needed on the long-closed Wink’s Place at the city dump before the facility could re-open.

The swap shop closed in January 2020 after police were called to report an aggressive patron at the shop.

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived in March 2020, making re-opening more difficult.

The city manager said at the Oct. 4 City Council meeting that the former public services director was concerned about the condition of the building and wanted an engineering report. Luttrell said if the building is found to be safe, the city would then look to find a volunteer organization that would operate the swap shop. The city has long said more supervision was needed at the shop.

Wink’s Place was opened in 2004 in memory of David “Wink” Winchenbach, who worked at the transfer station for 25 years. He died in 2001.

The shop was a place for people to drop off items they no longer need and in exchange, people can pick up items they want at no charge.

Rules that were approved in 2011 prohibit loitering and limited to one visit per day for no longer than 15 minutes. These rules were imposed following instances of people hanging out at the shop to collect items as they were being dropped off by other people.