This bypass road?

What a joke.

The individuals on the boards should have thought about that, when they were putting those big box stores in. Now, the same bunch of fools want to design a highway behind our backs. The land they will come across to access the Tolman Road bridge property is mine, and it is not for sale.

Did they ever think about traffic issues?

When I see the development years ago, I questioned why our planning boards did not disperse those big box stores throughout Route 90 where you had several different routes.

Terry Ryan


The ‘secret’ talks about the Thomaston bypass

I would like to think the Rockland City Council and Rockland citizens would have a huge interest in these talks and what might happen to tourist traffic, if this road is approved and eventually constructed.

It would naturally reroute tourists directly past Rockland and straight up the coast to Rockport and Camden, if they missed Rt. 90.

I would also like to mention it would effectively turn Old County Road, on which I live, into Route 1. I am initially not in favor of this alternate funnel of traffic, do not believe it will help businesses in Thomaston or Rockland, and also do not believe it is right that the Town could possibly use eminent domain to take property from people.

That is just plain wrong on any level. This needs to be open and above board, and the town officials should make every effort to present it and deal with it in that manner. I humbly submit my opinion.

Merton Sawyer