Now that Autumn is here, fall enthusiasts are legally allowed to enjoy the seasonal delights of the pumpkin. Read on to discover where to find some of the best pumpkin-flavored treats this year!

Pumpkin caramels by Bixby Chocolate. Photo by Christine Simmonds

Pumpkin caramels, Bixby Chocolate

These caramel squares are made with real cream, butter, pumpkin and dark chocolate by Bixby Chocolate in Rockland.

A creamy and decadent bite-sized treat, without being overly sweet, Bixby’s pumpkin caramels highlight all the best fall flavors.

Bixby also offers other fall goodies like apple cider caramels, pecan pie truffles and coffee brandy bonbons.

Bixby is owned by Kate McAleer and her mother, Donna. Their chocolates are all made on location at the Sea Street factory, with a focus on sustainability and fair business practices.

The Bixby Chocolate factory is not currently open to the public due to COVID-19, but their pumpkin caramels (and other treats) can be purchased in multiple package sizes through the website, either shipped or picked up outside the factory.

Bixby products are also available at shops around Maine, including Shaws, Hannaford and WalMart.

For more information on Bixby, visit

Pumpkin ice cream, Dorman’s Dairy Dream

Dorman’s Dairy Dream in Thomaston has been a summer staple since the 1950s. This family-owned shop makes their own ice cream in both classic flavors and new favorites.

As the weather grows colder and locals prepare for the inevitable winter closing this ice cream stand, Dorman’s starts to serve up pumpkin flavors.

Currently they offer pumpkin and pumpkin chocolate chip ice cream for the season. Since each flavor is made by manager Darryl Sanborn Jr., these are available while they last.

Dorman’s Dairy Dream will be open for business until the end of November.

Downeast hard cider, pumpkin blend.

Downeast Cider unfiltered pumpkin blend

Downeast Cider offers a variety of hard cider flavors, including this pumpkin blend sold during the fall months.

It contains a blend of apples, pumpkin and chai, which can all be detected in a sip. Think spiced apple cider with some pumpkin flavor.

While the cider company is based out of Massachusetts, the website states it was first created in a dorm room at Bates College.

Pumpkin blend Downeast Cider can be purchased at local stores including Hannaford, Walmart, some Maritime Farms and South End Grocery in Rockland.

Give your favorite shop a call to check on the availability of this adult fall treat.

Pumpkin spice coffee, Rock City Coffee

This is a medium-roast Brazilian bean, with pumpkin flavored syrup added.

This coffee is available for purchase in beans and by the cup at Rock City Café and Rock City Coffee Roasters in Rockland. The beans can also be purchased through

Rock City Coffee is an employee-owned cooperative that has been operating from downtown Rockland for more than 25 years.

The café also sells food and other drinks, as well as baked goods.

Pumpkin spice coffee beans are offered until mid-November, at which time they return to being an off-season flavor sold for a slightly higher price.

Pumpkin cookies, Zoot Coffee

Zoot Coffee in downtown Camden offers these gluten-free, vegan cookies throughout the fall.

Zoot’s pumpkin cookies are made in-house, and are a customer favorite with their blend of pumpkin, chocolate chips and raisins.

Zoot Coffee also sells an organic spice latte that is perfect as the weather cools off.

With organic cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and a touch of vanilla, the organic spice latte is a no-brainer to pair with the pumpkin cookies.

Executive Chef Meg Joseph makes pumpkin cheesecake for the Black Harpoon. Photo by Christine Simmonds

Pumpkin desserts and drinks, Black Harpoon

The Black Harpoon’s Executive Chef Meg Joseph describes herself as “a little obsessed with pumpkin.”

This fall, patrons of the restaurant in Port Clyde, America, will reap the benefits of that.

Joseph has plenty of canned pumpkin, and will make a variety of pumpkin desserts and drinks until the end of November.

Some of her pumpkin offerings are whoopie pies, cheesecakes, ice cream, blondies and regular pumpkin pie.

Call ahead to the restaurant to see what is being offered that day. The Black Harpoon is open Tuesday to Friday from 4:30 to 8 p.m. and can be reached at 372-6304.

Pumpkin coffee and baked goods, French and Brawn

French and Brawn in Camden offers pumpkin treats made by bakers Lynda and Lynne.

Periodically, the grocery store will also offer pumpkin spice coffee by the cup.

Pumpkin donuts, cookies and cupcakes are sometimes available, as well as pumpkin snickerdoodles and whoopie pies.

Customers can call ahead to find out what is offered that day at 236-3361.

Pumpkins for sale in St. George at a farm stand. Photo by Christine Simmonds

Actual pumpkins

Knox County residents can purchase whole pumpkins in a variety of sizes at shops, farm stands and on the side of the road.

These pumpkins are best used for decoration. To make sure a carved pumpkin is still fresh by Halloween, it is best to wait until one or two weeks before the holiday.

Painting pumpkins for decoration can allow them to last much longer, though.

When making home-made pumpkin goods, canned pumpkin is the best way to go.

Bull Run Farm pumpkins, for sale outside Harjula Farms in South Thomaston. Photo by Christine Simmonds