UNION — People’s United Methodist Church, located at 21 Depot St. in Union, now has a children’s memorial book lending library outside the sanctuary entrance.

The books in the little house were built by brothers Harold Wentworth Jr. and Jody Wentworth, and are for all children to enjoy.

The funds for this children’s lending library come from a bequest from the will of Ruth (McKinley) Herridge.

Herridge grew up on Depot Street, and the church was an integral part of Ruth’s childhood and early teen years. In her adulthood, Herridge became a teacher and an editor of the third-grade edition of The Wesleyan University Press’s “My Weekly Reader.”

The church formed a committee to plan for the use of the bequest funds which specified to be spent for children’s ministry. The work of the committee resulted in the newly constructed children’s lending library. Families are encouraged to come to bring their children to the new lending library.