ROCKLAND — The first meeting of the Rockland Police Review Committee will be 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 18, in the City Council chambers at City Hall.

Councilor Nate Davis said he is recommending the review committee hold a quick review at its initial meeting to discuss municipal government, the role of the committee, open meeting laws, the Freedom of Access law, elect a chair of the committee and establish procedures and a meeting schedule.

The Council voted July 12 to create the ad-hoc committee to “investigate ways to improve community policing in Rockland” and report those recommendations to the City Council. The work is expected to take 12 months to complete, but the committee can ask for additional time.

Appointed to the committee were Angela McIntyre, Emily Emmott, Paul Dube, Anne “Pinny” Beebe-Center, Dana Crane, Joseph Steinberger and Russell Beauchemin. Councilor Davis will be a non-voting member of the committee to serve as a liaison to the City Council.

A petition was filed with the Rockland City Council in August 2020 by a group calling for reallocating money from police to social services. That petition gathered 135 local signatures. Supporters of the department collected more signatures in response to the original petition.

One person who wanted to serve on the committee but was not selected was former deputy police chief and former city councilor Lewis Metcalf of Rockland. Metcalf said he was disappointed he was not appointed, saying he believed he could have offered an experienced voice to the panel.

Metcalf retired from the police department in December 1992 as deputy chief, having served 23 years with the police and before that  two years with the fire department. He was twice elected to the City Council — 1993 and 1996.