Knox County is seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases.

There were 34 additional COVID-19 cases reported in Knox County over the past day, the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported Saturday, Sept. 25. In addition, another Knox County resident was admitted to a hospital because of the virus.

Since the pandemic began, 1,576 Knox County residents were diagnosed with the virus, 40 were admitted to hospitals and 10 have died.

Statewide, an additional 603 cases were reported over the past day. There were four additional deaths reported statewide Sept. 25, increasing the number to 1,013. There was one death each in Cumberland, Kennebec, Oxford, and Aroostook counties.

An additional five people were admitted to hospitals in Maine with COVID-19 during the past day, increasing that number to 2,454 since the pandemic began mid-March 2020. The CDC said this week that 65 percent of the people hospitalized are not fully vaccinated and 90 percent in critical care and on ventilators are not fully vaccinated.

Currently, 225 Mainers are hospitalized with the virus, 77 are in critical care units and 36 are on respirators. These are close to the highest numbers since the pandemic began more than 18 months ago in Maine.

The CDC reported Sept. 25 that 27,846 Knox County residents — slightly more than 79% of the eligible population — have been vaccinated. That is an increase of 14 in the past day.

Somerset County is at nearly 60% vaccinated while Cumberland County is slightly more than 86%.

Health officials continue to urge people wear masks in indoor public places and to get vaccinated.