BRUNSWICK — After more than a year without an official regatta, Megunticook Rowing finally took to the race course.

On a picture-perfect day, 66 hulls from 19 clubs, hailing from as far away as Osprey, Fla., raced the 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) up-and-back course on Saturday, Sept. 18 on the Androscoggin River.

The Megunticook Rowing youth team faced stiff competition from Maine Coast Rowing Association of Brunswick and Wayneflete Crew of Portland.

The Megunticook Rowing junior team is led by head coach Tris Coburn and assistant coaches Jeff Foltz, Abby Chamberlin and Joline Blais.

Megunticook Rowing boys team members include, from left, Aaron Dowd, Carlton Richmond, Tanner Carson, Oliver Castle, Dominic Piconi, Oliver Haynes, Noah Thackeray, Devin Guptill, and coxswain Connor Howland (being held up). Photo courtesy of Megunticook Rowing parents

The first boats to race were the girls doubles (2X). Two Megunticook boats, one rowed by Iselin Bratz and Maggie Gill, the other by Lydia Myers and Leah Bloomquist, faced two fast boats from Maine Coast Rowing (MCRA). However, Bratz and Gill pulled a strong race and finished second. Myers and Bloomquist, who rowed together for only a few practices, came in fourth behind the second MCRA boat. Both Megunticook boats rowed beautifully.

From left, Megunticook Rowing’s Iselin Bratz, Veronica Waters, Anna Piconi, Adella Brainerd, Rachel Aldridge-Peacock, Laura Riordan, Greer LaFiura and Sofia Howell, with coach Joline Blais, in front. Photo courtesy Megunticook Rowing parents

Next up were the two boys junior 4+s. The “A” boat, comprised of Dom Piconi, Devin Guptill, Cabot Adams, Noah Thackeray and coxswain, Connor Howland, finished first, as it passed the Waynflete “A” boat and beat it by a minute and 30 seconds.

The Megunticook Rowing “B” boat, comprised of Carlton Richmond, Oliver Castle, Oliver Haynes, Tanner Carson and Aaron Dowd (coxswain), rowed a strong race and missed fourth by nine seconds. Two of the boat’s rowers had rowed for less than two weeks.

Two of Megunticook Rowing’s masters rowers, Don Seales and Meg Webb, rowed the masters mixed 2X event (doubles), and placed second, nearly two minutes ahead of the third-place finishers.

From left, coxswain Anna Piconi, Adella Brainerd, Veronica Waters, Flora Gurdon and Maggie Gill. Photo courtesy of Megunticook Rowing parents

The junior women’s 4+s was the final event of the day. The Megunticook Rowing “A” boat, comprised of Veronica Waters, Laura Riordan, Adella Brainerd, Flora Gurdon,and Sofia Howell (coxswain), faced stiff competition from Waynflete and MCRA. However, they pulled a great race and came in third, as they missed second by 36 seconds over the three-mile course.

The “B” boat, comprised of Maggie Gill, Greer LaFiura, Ava Tobias, Rachel Aldridge-Peacock and Anna Piconi (coxswain), rowed beautifully and came in fourth.

On Sunday, Oct. 3, Megunticook Rowing heads to Lowell, Mass. for the Textile River Regatta and will face crews from New England. There will be 300 entries in the categories at the event.

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