The Yip Yip Dogs of Camden and their entitled owners

My guess is, if you take a morning walk in Camden, you are likely to have had the same experience I have — being hyper vigilant to avoid the poop left on the sidewalks by those small yip yip dogs and their entitled owners. I have been running, and now in my senior years walking, the streets of Camden for more than 30 years. There are many regulars I see and chat with on a route that includes Mechanic, Rawson, Gould, Mountain, Elm, Union, Curtis, Elm again, and Park streets — about 3.5 miles. I am blessed to live in Camden and have access to the ocean, lakes, and mountains which surround our beautiful, and mostly, clean community.

Many of the people I encounter in the mornings are walking their dogs. There are black and yellow labs, pit-bull mixes, medium side mixed-breed fuzzy dogs, lots of poodles in assorted colors, and more than half are yip yip dogs of all kinds. I rarely, almost never, have to avoid poop on the sidewalks from larger dogs and always see their owners carrying the green pick-up poop bags. Yet in the last three or four years there is hardly a day that I don’t have to avoid the fresh, nugget sized yip yip dog poop.

Camden is an upscale community whose residents have above average education and income, and the community ethics suggest a strong commitment to a clean environment and mutual well-being.

What is it, then, that permits the yip yip’s to poop on the sidewalks and their entitled owners to pretend that nothing happened, look the other way, and continue their walk? Camden prides itself on being clean, always improving the streets and sidewalks, like creating the new lighted crosswalk on Mechanic Street for children going to the middle school and maintaining its parks and public areas.

I write this opinion piece in frustration not understanding how people who choose to live in our lovely community allow their dogs to degrade it. Entitled is the only description I have for them – I say Stop It! Pick It Up!

George Miaoulis, Jr.



Celebrating one of our own

This week marks the 30th year of designing display advertising for The Courier Gazette, Camden Herald and Republican Journal, for Heidi Belcher Anderson. You should know that Heidi is the consummate pro who delivers top notch work with a can-do attitude. Her easy-going nature makes tight deadlines bearable.

Thank you, Heidi!

Glenn Billington


On rationing healthcare…

Our world of politics, both national and local, is a truly strange and sometimes surprising place. In an incredibly ironic twist of fate, Republicans became the de facto party of both health care rationing, and frankly, of death panels.

Through both governor’s executive orders or legislation in a large number of Republican-controlled states actively discouraging both mask wearing and vaccine mandates, hospitals around the same parts of the country are rapidly overwhelmed by huge numbers unvaccinated COVIC-19 patients.

In Idaho, Montana and Alaska, not only are medical facilities lacking adequate critical resources to deal with a huge surge in unvaccinated COVID-19 patients, but non-COVID patients in need of “ordinary” emergency health care for heart attacks, strokes, dialysis, etc., are now suffering too, since there is no longer space available in hospitals for them to be cared for, even under emergency life-threatening circumstances. In some of these places, health care is literally being rationed.

And too, there is the issue of thousands of people dying daily and needlessly, from what is now a largely preventable disease: in every state in America, we now have multiple extremely effective immunizations for COVID-19 available in large supply, and they’re free for everyone. Still, we lose about 2,000 largely unvaccinated citizens a day to COVID-19! The truly tragic thing about all these dire circumstances is that they were quite predictable and entirely avoidable. Whether we are comfortable admitting it or not, primarily Republican-driven disinformation and obstructionism for crass political gain seems to be the driving force behind our inability to get a handle on the surging Delta variant, currently raging through our communities. Sort of reminds you of those same politicians perennially blocking reasonable gun control legislation, doesn’t it?

Florida and Texas governors are the poster children for this horrendous situation, although the governors of South Dakota, Arizona and Wyoming (not to mention recently announced gubernatorial candidate in Maine, Le Page), are simply pandering to their respective Trumpist voter bases, and all have been relentlessly spewing false and irresponsible ideologically driven drivel about personal freedom of choice, and questioning scientifically undisputed efficacy of the widely available free vaccines, not to mention mask wearing.

Who could have imagined Republicans, the so-called party of Lincoln, would ultimately be the party behind health care rationing? The literal effect of these cynical, self-serving political machinations has been the effective creation of the death panels that candidate Sarah Palin warned us about in 2009. As we rapidly approach a death toll of 700,000 Americans by COVID-19, I can only hope many of my fellow Americans will wake up and smell the coffee: personal freedom means you can personally choose to protect your children, neighbors and friends by simply getting the jab.

Please just man up and do it!

Seth Hall