Hello everyone, just want to share what’s up cosmically. Of course, it’s all potential and we decide based on what feels true and real how to respond or react to what the Cosmos presents. It’s all “grist for the mill” as Ram Dass used to say.

September 20 – 22 Mercury is in a challenging aspect to Pluto. We don’t know what is true right now. The external is confusing with so much propaganda presented. You have to dig to find truth anywhere or simply trust your gut feelings.  Sitting in silence, asking the Divine to know what is real, will work.

September 22 at exactly  3:21 p.m. until October 23 at exactly 12:51 a.m. the Sun in Libra graces us with the longing for beauty, peace, consideration, thoughtfulness, and cooperation. See yourself as an ambassador of peace in your daily circumstances. Relationships are reignited from a point of dedication to growing together beyond the potential once imagined. This is the time of year for diplomacy and amendments to be made to outdated laws. This is the time to work together to complete projects. As a person with planets in Libra I am more hopeful now for harmonious outcomes to surprise us all.

September 21 – 23 Venus in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus. Sexual attractions take place. Will you act on them or simply enjoy the energy? This is when a secret love affair would come into play. Relationships that go beyond labels and definitions are activated. I just connected two individuals with much in common, including their love of Nature, their principle values and beliefs. Am curious to learn how this turns out.

September 23 – 25 Mars in Libra is in a superfine aspect with Saturn. The word “superfine” means the planets are forming a 120-degree aspect known as a “trine.” A trine is an easy flow of energy that combines the energies of the planets involved. Mars trine Saturn serves to assist you to accomplish your goals because you are focused with high standards and also well organized and VERY persistent. Nothing can stop progress. You won’t allow it.

September 26 at 1:10 a.m. – October 18 at 11:17 a.m.  Mercury turns retrograde. I hope you are prepared. Please don’t sign a legal document unless you have the patience of a saint to withstand the petty issues that may come about to stall your process. Remember to take good care of all electrical devices and vehicles. I just bought a special meter to measure EMF’s in my home. So far so good, except for the router and my PC which is all wired, no wifi here. Now to measure when the cell tower has been completed 300 ft. from my home! Then to learn which corrections I’ll need. With Mercury retrograde if you’re traveling, please know that unexpected delays could arise. Conversations can be annoying due to misunderstandings if you’re not giving full attention to what is being said.

September 27 – 29 Ahh, a sign of relief… romance is lifted out of the realm of fantasy and catapulted into the realm of pure potential with Venus in a superfine aspect with Neptune. You may have met your life partner, if your values match. You’re feeling hopeful and looking forward to getting to know this person. If you’re already in a relationship, this aspect will enhance your bond. You who are artists, writers, musicians, actors, and poets will be inspired from deep within. The Sun is in a superfine aspect with Saturn. This represents a time of mutual respect and emotional stability. You’re more relaxed than you have been for quite some time.

September 28 – 30 Venus is in a joyful aspect with Jupiter, so joyful that the energy is inviting you to celebrate by indulging in your favorite addiction. Will you? This is hard to ignore. My birthday falls in this time span. I’m going out to dinner with a good friend. Hopefully I will choose to eat sensibly. You may feel like spending money to buy gifts that you can’t really afford. If you are celebrating, try to do what my beloved dad used to suggest: “everything in moderation.” No matter what you do, this is a fun time to be with other playful souls.

September 29 – October 1 Mercury is in a challenging aspect with Pluto… again. Mercury is retrograde and repeating the aspect that took place on September 20. Go to September 20 – 22.

September 29 – October 1 Venus is in a positive aspect with Pluto, which enhances sexual energy. The urge to merge is ignited with a strong attraction. Hopefully you like each other.