ROCKLAND — More than 20 years ago, Lynn Archer was working two jobs — food service coordinator for the local community action program and running the Landings Restaurant for Paul Devine.

During her lunch breaks, she would walk by the old, dilapidated, former pool hall on Main Street in Rockland. During this period, people kept telling her she should open her own restaurant.

Archer decided the time was right and in September 2001, opened the Brass Compass Café at 305 Main St. She purchased the building the following year and spent the time since upgrading the property and cleaning up the adjacent park that was littered with trash.

Archer said it was time for her to close the downtown café. She said she is selling the building and will close Nov. 1.

But Archer will continue to offer her chef skills to customers at Archer’s on the Pier at 58 Ocean St. In fact, Archer’s on the Pier will open for breakfast and offer Brass Compass fare once the Main Street café closes.

She said she will retain her Brass Compass workers at Archer’s on the Pier.

“It’s been a powerful journey,” Archer said.

Archer, who was born at the former Knox Hospital in Rockland more than 60 years ago, said she enjoyed operating the Brass Compass, but felt that it was time to consolidate operations into one location. The person who is buying the property, who she did not identify, was making offers all summer and she initially declined, but finally agreed to sell.

Archer complained about her treatment by the city. She said each year, she had to fight to use a narrow strip of land adjacent to her building that is part of the Winslow-Holbrook Park. She said this summer she received a call from a city official, who said the city received a complaint that a table was over the 12-foot strip by a foot or two.

She expressed frustration that she endured such complaints when the city has, at the same time, closed off nearby Oak Street for other restaurants. She said she believes she has been the victim of discrimination because she is a woman running a business.

But aside from that issue, Archer said she felt blessed to be able to be part of the community for all these years.

“I’ve been an ambassador for the city of Rockland,” Archer said, referring to appearances on the Food Network and WCSH 6 television’s show “207.” She pointed out that whenever she appears on the shows she will give a shout out to Rockland. Archer was included in the September edition of the Food Network magazine.

Archer worked for 20 years as a cook at Cappy’s Chowder House in Camden. She then worked for CCAP and at the Landings before going out on her own with the Brass Compass.

Last year, during the pandemic, Archer gave away lunches at the Brass Compass with a donation request for the Area Interfaith Outreach food pantry. The effort raised $2,600 for the organization, according to AIO.

In April 2020 during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lynn Archer gave out lunches with any donations made given to the AIO food pantry.