As I write this, my favorite cat is in recovery at the vet’s office.

I have three cats. Some people say that is too many, but I am too busy cuddling my cats to really bother with what people think.

All three are tuxedo cats, also called tuxies. This means they are black and white, and always in their best formalwear. Their names are Rory, Pumpkin and Mogwai.

Mogwai, who is my favorite — please don’t tell the other two — got dropped off at the vet this morning on my way to the office.

Yes, she is named after the 1980s movie “Gremlins.” This is because during her awkward potato-kitten stage, she looked just like Gizmo the mogwai for a bit.

Gizmo is an adorable little creature, known as a mogwai, with very specific care instructions. Mogwai are sweet and cute as long as you follow the directions. If you do not… the mogwai will produce the vicious and mean-spirited titular gremlins.

Anyway, the vet put Mogwai under anesthesia, which is wise because she is a mean and spoiled cat when she does not get her way. Then, they gave her what is known as a lion cut.

If you are not familiar with a lion cut, I highly suggest giving it a go through your favorite online search engine for some entertaining pictures.

A lion cut is when they shave all parts of the cat except the head, tip of the tail and feet.

Mogwai got a lion cut last fall, and let me just tell you… it was hilarious.

This is not just an exercise in sadism, though. Mogwai is a long-hair cat, and this makeover is due to necessity.

Prior to COVID-19 when I moved into my mother’s basement, like a real millennial adult, her fur was never a problem. Each summer, she would get a little more fluffy, but she never got matted.

Now, suddenly, her fur is out of control. Everything I own is covered in a light layer of black fur. Her body is roughly 80% fluff. She is getting matts.

They start small, but she is so prissy that she will not allow me to brush her or remove them. I finally reached my wits end with them, and now it is time for another go with the shaver.

Mogwai does hold a grudge.

Last time I tried to give her a topical flea treatment, she growled, hissed and then refused to let me touch her for a week. I have the vet administer all medications now. Let her be mad at them.

I got the call at about 11:30 a.m., that she was clean-shaven and awake. I will pick her up on my way home and allow her to come fully back to her senses under my watchful care, while I laugh and laugh and take pictures to share online.

She gives me a good chuckle when she looks like this, I will admit. She is terribly cute, and the vet also gives her a little bath so she is clean and soft.

While I was the evil person who loaded her into the cat carrier this morning and delivered her to the vet, I also get to be the person who rescues her from there and brings her home. We shall see which ones she remembers the longest.

Author’s note: Mogwai is home and forgave me, though it took most of the weekend. She spent Friday night growling at everyone, and we slept on the couch together that night. She is still spending most days on the couch, but seems to be back to her normal self now.

Mogwai the cat, post haircut.