The following deed transfers were recorded from Sept. 2, 2021, through Sept. 8, 2021, at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:

Rosalie A. Gleason to Craig T. Gleason, Gail P. Gleason.

Stephen Michael Ross to Stephen Michael Ross, Veronique Harel.
Allport Family Trust, Anthony B. Allport, Michael Allport Trust to Four High Street LLC.
Pacific Premier Trust Cus, Pacific Premier Bank, A. Edward Doudera to Madison Trust Company Cus, A. Edward Doudera.

James V. Dal Pozzal to James V. Dal Pozzal, Shannon Hurst Dal Pozzal.

Frederick D. Campbell, Darlene Campbell to Christopher Simmons.

Elinor Goldberg to Mary R. Hauprich, Brian J. Hauprich.
Kent Alan McConnell, Lisa Ann McConnell to Jetmax LLC.

Robert O. Young, Cynthia L. Young to Philip Davies, Rose Chuan Liao.

Owls Head
Todd A. Putansu to Todd Albert Putansu, Channa Grace Putansu.
Jarod Bray to Huseman Hideaway LLC.

Charles M. Doherty III to Elizabeth C. Doherty.
Billi Jo Robbins to David C. Harrison Jr.
Dana H. Parent III, Martha L. Parent to Donald A. Blackman.
Kathryn A. Alex to Sarah E. Catron.
G Ho LLC to Be Tu T. Phan.
Paula Mary Coil, Paula M. Coil to Paula M. Coil Trust, Paula M. Coil Living Trust.

H. Douglas Lay to Debra J. Lay.
Jennifer Pelletier to James Robertson Jr.
Claudia D. Hodgson, Peter T. Hodgson to Claudia D. Hodgson, Peter T. Hodgson, Jamie L. Toohey.
Corso Upton Family Trust 1993 to Michael McGinley, Marsha McGinley.

South Thomaston
Barbara L. Noyes to Todd F. Tranner, Julia S. Tranner.

St. George
Ripley Creek LLC to Phoebe Bly.
John M. McNamara to Coast to Coast Properties and Management LLC.
John R. Whoriskey Sr. Estate to Kathryn A. Alex.
Everett C. Allen, Sarah D. Allen to Eugene B. Ray.

Lawrence A. Brooks, Kay F. Brooks, Raynold F. Brooks, Jean O. Brooks to Heidi Cushman.

Sonja Sue Burns to Brigitte Gordon, Dino Nappi.
Susan Guillette to Kevin C. Sawyer, Diana L. Sawyer.

Horace S. Benner, Gloria Benner to Judy Chisholm, James A. Chisholm.
Maureen C. Arey to Linette S. Butler, Matthew R. Butler.

Norman Paley, Joan Paley to David Hulse.
Lewis Cole Sr. Estate to Lewis M. Cole Jr.
Lewis M. Cole Jr. to Ronald M. Jackson.
Craig S. Merrifield to Craig S. Merrifield, Ruth A. Merrifield.