ROCKPORT — Wabanaki REACH will be offering a community program, Interacting with Wabanaki Maine History, via Zoom Friday, Oct. 1 from 6 to 8 p.m. The program is presented by The Dancing Elephant and open to the public by donation. Registrations, required to receive a Zoom link, can be made at

Pictured is a map of Wabanaki Territory.


The two-hour program is an interactive experience in which leaders and participants engage in a story of particular events in the history of 400 years of colonization of Wabanaki people by Europeans, in this territory now called the state of Maine. This highly engaging experience requires everyone’s full participation in order to genuinely increase our understanding of colonization and what it means for current descendants and future generations.

The Oct. 1 program will be followed by a second offering, Healing Begins with Truth: Understanding Colonization, Friday, Nov. 5.

“We seek to build a broader and stronger community of people who understand the long-term impact of the generational harms done to Indigenous people since first contact and who are committed to transforming the present day systems that provide advantages to the dominant culture. We believe in the power of education and engagement. When people more deeply understand what happened they innately wish to be a part of writing a different history for our grandchildren.” — Wabanaki REACH.

The mission of Wabanaki REACH is to support the self-determination of Wabanaki people through education, truth-telling, restorative justice, and restorative practices in Wabanaki and Maine communities. For more information, visit

The Dancing Elephant is a community center for yoga, meditation, and art with online offerings and yoga classes at Union Hall in Rockport. All programs are donation-based and available for all levels. For more information and to register, visit or contact Rachel at or 594-1694.