THOMASTON — The Town of Thomaston is in negotiations with Dirigo Engineering concerning the construction of an east/west road, which could affect residents’ properties.

The Select Board held a closed-door meeting with the engineering firm about the potential project Sept. 13.

It has not been determined if the town will move forward with the construction of the road, and the initial location suggestions have not been released to the public yet.

The primary purpose of the road is to provide an alternate route from Old County Road to Route One.

This road is mentioned on page 37 of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan, which describes it as “a new local east-west road skirting the northern village perimeter.”

The Select Board authorized Town Manager Kara George to contract with Dirigo Engineering for a feasibility study for the road in July. The board authorized costs of no more than $20,000 for the study.

During the July discussion, resident and Planning Board Chair Joanne Richards expressed concerns about the road crossing her backyard.

Pollution Control Superintendent John Fancy said the town would not submit suggestions for routes with the contract. This way, Dirigo Engineering could determine the best route options.

The agenda for this meeting listed MRS Title 1 405 (6C) as the reason for the executive session.

This law states a board may hold closed-door executive sessions for deliberations including “discussion or consideration of the condition, acquisition or the use of real or personal property… only if premature disclosures of the information would prejudice the competitive or bargaining position of the body or agency.”

Municipal officer Sandra Moore said the board had many questions and concerns about the results of the feasibility study.

“This was really just the initial introduction to the Select Board,” Moore said.

Some concerns were how close the proposed road would be to private residences.

The next steps after negotiations are for the board to approve the plan and make it public.

Moore said the town would contact any residents who would be affected by the proposed construction before the board approves the plan. The thoughts and feelings of these residents may affect the board’s final vote.

“This is going to be made public well in advance of anything being voted on,” Moore said.

If the board approves the final proposal for this road, it then must pass a town vote from residents.

Other factors Moore said the board was trying to determine were potential placements of sidewalks and bike paths.

“Those are things that should be added in now rather than later,” Moore said.