ROCKPORT – The Select Board voted unanimously Monday to deny the request of U.S. Cellular to put an item on the ballot in November in an attempt to change the Land Use Ordinance to allow a 145-foot cell tower on Vinal Street.

Town Manager Jon Duke told the board that under state law, they did not have enough time at this point to put the item on the ballot for November. The law requires 60 days notice for such a ballot item.

As part of the motion, the board is turning the issue over to the Ordinance Review Committee and the ballot item may appear on a town meeting warrant in June or a special town meeting at any time.

Duke had informed the board that he was approached by attorney James Belleau representing U.S. Cellular.

Bob Gashlin and Belleau met with the Planning Board in July and were told the project was not allowed in the location proposed. At the time, they pitched, in a pre-application meeting. plans for a 150-foot-tall monopole cellular tower on a heavily wooded parcel between Vinal Street and Route 1.

Belleau sent a letter Aug. 23 to the town, outlining the company’s proposed ordinance change. Kathleen Salminen Bailey owns the property U.S. Cellular plans to lease in Rockport.

In July, Gashlin explained the tower is needed because coverage is spotty in the Route 90/17 area.

Towers are only allowed under the ordinance within 1,000 feet of the summit of Ragged Mountain, co-located on an existing facility, or placed on an existing structure to fit in with the surroundings architecturally.

The attorney cited the Federal Telecommunications Act, which does not allow municipalities to prohibit towers outright, though towns are allowed to regulate where towers are located.