CAMDEN — Camden resident, history professor, and author, Kevin C. Kearns, has been honored by the Dublin, Ireland City Council with the Lord Mayor of Dublin Scroll. According to statement by Kearns, the award is the “highest honor they could bestow upon a ‘person of merit,’” given “for a lifetime of dedication to Irish research and books — an honor rarely given to a non-Irish born resident.”

Kearns said after retiring as a history professor and author he moved to Camden. After 32 years of college teaching he wanted to focus solely on his research in Ireland and book writing. Over the past two decades in Camden he continued with his annual research trips to Ireland and writing books.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin Scroll was recently bestowed on Camden resident, history professor, and author, Kevin C. Kearns by the Dublin, Ireland City Council. Courtesy of Kevin C. Kearns


“This award reflected my many years of work among the impoverished tenement dwellers in Dublin’s old, decrepit ‘slumlands,” as Irish journalists called them. Trekking the rough-and-tumble streets with my backpack stuffed with two Sony tape recorders, batteries, camera, pen and notebook, seeking to find respondents of living history now in their 70s, 80s, 90s, to document hundreds of lives in hours-long taping sessions — lives of grim, riveting poverty, hardship, suffering and sorrow as well as survival, triumph of the human will and spirit — even joy and earthy wit.”

Kearns said all of his books have been written to the comforting “clack-clack-clack” sound of his manual Olympia typewriters of 50-year-old vintage. He still arises every morning at 3 a,m, and writes until 9 or 10 a.m.