ROCKLAND — Rockland Fire Chief Christopher Whytock said at the 20th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. remembers those who were lost on that tragic day.

But the fire chief also said the country needs to recall the unity that the U.S. had following those events.

The chief made his comments during a ceremony held Sept. 11 outside the Rockland fire station, next to a monument the firefighters built, depicting the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

“After the events of 9-11, the country came together. We were more united, more friendly, more personable than we had even been,” Whytock said. “Now 20 years later, I think we are the opposite. We’ve never been so divided.”

“While we remember those lost, let’s also try for one day, two days, or 365 days a year to go back to that unity and move forward as a country,” the chief concluded.

Rockland Professional Firefighter Association President Carl Anderson spoke about the events of 9-11, how ordinary people did extraordinary things and put interests of others above their own, and how they showed intense loyalty to friends and coworkers.

“We saw people show extraordinary heroism. We saw people choose duty in the face of death. We saw loyalty to friends overwhelm all sense of danger,” Anderson said.