APPLETON – Residents may decide in November whether to spend up to $80,000 from surplus to purchase about 4 acres on Sherman’s Mill Pond to provide freshwater access and a hydrant source for the Fire Department.

The Select Board is considering putting the question on the ballot. Citizens throughout the Midcoast will be voting on a state ballot this fall including the question concerning the CMP corridor.

The lot, owned by the Getchell family, has been assessed at $104,400 and will be appraised before the question goes to the voters, according to Select Board Chair Lorie Costigan.

“The family has generously offered to donate a portion of the assessed price ($29,400) making the sale price $75,000 and allowing a $5,000 margin for closing costs,” she said. “The board is pursuing funding sources and conservation measures through Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and Land for Maine’s Future, which has the potential to significantly decrease the cost to taxpayers.”

Town officials expect the actual cost to taxpayers will be less than $80,000 due to these partnerships.

Fred Bucklin has offered to appraise the lot at no charge to the town, and Road Commissioner Jake Boyington has offered to donate time and equipment for trail construction, Costigan said. Acting Fire Chief Prent Marriner is reviewing funding sources for hydrant placement, which will serve an underserved area of town.

Costigan said she has seen public support for the plan. “Residents in general are happy to know they can preserve what has been a generous offer of a respected landowner, who has allowed public use of private land for decades. The purchase of the land will forever weave the Mill Pond into a part of Appleton’s community experience.”

In addition, for November, the Planning Board is considering a few amendments to the building ordinance.

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