UNION — On Wednesday, Sept. 22, at 7 p.m., Forest Weston will speak on and demonstrate how to play the didgeridoo at Vose Library, 392 Common Road.

Forest has worked 40 years as a forester (yes, Forest the Forester) and began playing didgeridoo 12 years ago. He is a strong proponent of using the didj as a meditational and healing aid, especially in outdoor settings. He has played publicly for most of those 12 years and often accompanies groups playing Celtic and other folk music. Forest is available to teach didgeridoo lessons and give sound therapy sessions.

Vose Library’s patrons and friends are invited to attend the series either in-person or via Zoom. Call 207-785-4733, email librarian@voselibrary.org or stop by Vose Library for a Zoom registration link. In-person events are subject to transition to fully virtual should COVID-19 impact the ability to meet in person.