Based on the birth chart of someone I know personally in Camden.

I told him this: “Transiting planet Uranus is conjunct your natal Sun in Taurus. This began June 2021 and will last until May 2023.”

Whoa, you’re thinking, how complex this is? Much more than I imagined. What does this mean? I hope she/he will explain it so that I can understand it.

What you need to know is that Uranus “demands” that you make changes based on what your intuition has been nudging you to do for that last year or so. Uranus astrologically has to do with making changes that come from your inner knowingness, often termed your intuition or your intuitive intelligence. You may have had dreams showing you how you can shift your life. You feel the need to become more independent. You’re probably longing to express your individuality by letting go of old concepts that have dictated how your life ought to be. The old ideas have not brought you the happiness you long for. This will take abandoning what others want and expect of you. It’s time to follow your own intuition and take some risks. It’s usually not a comfortable pathway yet it will bring happiness if you trust your process and are willing to take a chance and leave the past behind. My friend in Camden was already feeling and sensing the need to make changes. Astrology was confirming that which he already “knew.”

If you were born on May 7 (any year) then you took your first breath on this planet in this lifetime when the Sun was located at 16 degrees of Taurus. First you must realize that there are 360 degrees in a circle. Ok, you know that. The zodiac has 12 signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini Cancer, etc. etc.) all made up of 30 degrees each (30 x 12 = 360) with 12 signs that equal 360 degrees. Are you still with me? I hope so. Ok, let’s stick with this example…You were born with the Sun in the zodiac at 16 degrees of Taurus. Now between June 2021 until mid-April 2023, Uranus is hanging out between 13 and 16 degrees of Taurus “demanding” that you make changes. It is imperative during this phase that you trust your intuition and act on it. If you don’t, Uranus has a way of forcing events so that you won’t miss this opportunity. It’s far better to choose to trust your inner knowingness then to defy it and wait for the results to come, and they will. You might have knowingness that if you and your partner get to marriage therapy the marriage might last. If your partner does not want to join you in working on improving your marriage, then you may have to separate. This is a harsh reality. Uranus tells you not to hold back from forward momentum. Do you and your mate share the same values, beliefs, and opinions? Does it work “to agree to disagree” or is there competition for one of you to always be “right” no matter how destructive the process might be?  Is there mutual respect, kindness, cooperation, thoughtfulness, playfulness, humor romance, and a sense of adventure shared? This is an example of stuck energy and the opportunity gifted by Uranus to make changes. There are other options such as changing jobs and going for the ideal rather than staying stuck in a job you hate.

I recall my first husband: a superfine musician who didn’t want to work with his hands. He wanted his hands/fingers to remain as is to play guitar. He figured that out by selling instruments at Sam Ash Music Store in White Plains, New York, close to where we lived. That was long ago. Ok, perhaps you get the point? Uranus is the planet of sudden change, changes that come uncomfortably if you don’t act on your intuition/inner knowingness.

The friend in Camden moved and is still thinking of shifting his job to a city south of here. This still could happen as Uranus is not through with hanging out (conjunct) his Sun in Taurus. We shall see what his inner guidance alerts him to do as it will come in a sudden flash of knowingness. If you were born between May 2 – 9 of any year, I hope that you’re reading this. If you have any questions feel free to send an email and I will do my best to respond (for free).

I have been through Uranus’ energetics. I look back to that time (1969 – 1970) and see that it was a VERY important turning point in my lifetime. Even though it was chaotic, Uranus found me to be more open minded with new interests in life.  I owe thanks to Uranus for bringing so many options at that time that have changed my life forever, for the better. Yes, it was a rocky road at first.

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