ROCKPORT — The following is news from the Goose River Golf Club:

On Aug. 31, the results from twilight league skins play were: Front tees — Mark McGuirl (1). Back Tees — Adam Lynch (1) and Daulton Wickenden (1).

Pins — Front tees: Warren Marshall (5-2.5 on 15th hole). Back tees — Daulton Wickenden (19-2 on 15th); and Brian Wickenden (10-10 on 17th).

Mark McGuirl won the 50/50.

On Wednesday, Sept. 1, in women’s Sadie Hawkins tournament gross/net play, Chris Stone and Peter Lynch finished first gross 39; and Lauria O’Connell and Dan Dalfonso, second gross 45. Delisa Morong and Dylan Morong, first net 34; and Kristin Nelson and Matt Smith, second net 35.

Pins on eighth hole — Suzanne Wright (12-9) and Ewie Greet (21-2).

Charlies “Chum” Berry won the 50/50.

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