ROCKLAND — OUT Maine staff spent an avid amount of time at Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership for its overnight staff retreat. After further growth in the organization, both programs and staff, the retreat offered a time for reconnection, rejuvenation and planning.

The retreat was the first time OUT Maine’s two new staff joined the old-timers in person. All seven staff members, soon to be eight, said they had a fantastic time.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to be on the beautiful island, connect with Hurricane Island’s great staff and programs and get our creative juices flowing,” shares Jeanne Dooley, OUT Maine’s executive director. “We are very grateful for Hurricane Island’s strong support of our work to support, educate and empower LGBTQ+ youth.”

OUT Maine also worked with Hurricane Island this summer to provide youth opportunities for summer programming experience in their High School Marine Biology and Women of Water programs.

“This partnership is a great model for all programs seeking to provide more inclusive and welcoming programs and serve as strong allies for Maine’s queer youth,” said Dooley. “Special thanks to all Hurricane Island staff who are making this collaboration grow.”

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