From the desk of Marketing and PR Manager Kasey Bielecki,

A lot happens behind the scenes at Pope Memorial Humane Society. While you might see more than 50 animals available for adoption at, you can bet that there are many animals lovingly being tended to behind the scenes. Some of these animals arrive as strays, brought in by local animal control officers.

Pope Memorial has an “Animal Control Room” that was created when the new shelter was built. This room allows all ACO’s 24-hour access to a safe place to put stray animals. All local ACO’s have the access code to enter the room, which is stocked with food and water for cats and dogs.

This room currently has one vertical stack of three cat kennels with stainless steel sides and various sizes of wire crates to hold animals. The problem with this setup we now know is that being near other animals, especially other species is very stressful for cats and dogs. This is particularly true if they can see other animals.

Pope Memorial recently applied for and was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Fenway Fund and Loyal Biscuit Co. This grant will allow for a complete overhaul of the animal control room. The new animal control room will reduce stress and fear for cats and dogs who are already experiencing the fear of being lost or stray, captured, then housed in an unfamiliar environment with other animals.

We cannot thank Loyal Biscuit Co. and the Fenway Fund enough. Their dedication to homeless animals in our community means so much to all of us at Pope Memorial Humane Society. They are ensuring animals get a second chance. Thank you, LBC!

Speaking of animals getting a second chance. Have you met Diego? Diego quickly became a staff favorite.

This 4-1/2-year-old pitbull mix is a ton of fun. Treats? Yeah, he thinks they are okay, but the true way to this guy’s heart is toys! He absolutely adores playing. Fetch? He’s on it. Tug o’ war? Even better. If you have tennis balls and some rope toys, Diego will be your best friend. Diego is not looking to hike mountains or go on 10-mile walks. He wants to play in the backyard and then cool off in the pool. Diego is ready for a loving home.

If you’re thinking about adding a silly goober of a dog to your home, come meet Diego!

Wish list: pate style chicken recipe canned kitten/cat food, paper towels, 8 1/2 by 11 copy paper, dry kitten chow. Thank you.

Diego just loves to play. Pope Memorial Humane Society