ROCKLAND — Property tax bills that are, on average, up 1.3% were mailed to Rockland property owners.

The tax rate was set at $22.60 per $1,000 of assessment, up 1.3% from $22.30 in 2020.

A person owning a home assessed at $200,000 would see their bill increase by $60.

The city is sending out bills totaling $19,881,000. Of that amount, 55% ($10,867,000) goes to Regional School Unit 13. Another 5% ($907,000) goes to Knox County. The remaining 40% ($8.1 million) goes to the municipal government.

The increase was due, in part, to an additional $263,000 being paid to the school district.

The total of taxable properties in Rockland is $880 million.

The amount of tax-exempt property totals $280 million covering 233 parcels. The overwhelming amount of the tax exempt property is owned by government including the federal, state, county, city and schools. For example, the Rockland Breakwater, owned by the U.S. Coast Guard, is valued at $77 million and is exempt.

About $50 million of the tax-exempt properties are owned by private non-profit organizations. If taxed, that would generate an additional $1.1 million in revenues.

DuPont Nutrition USA remains the top property taxpayer in Rockland by a significant margin. The company, which operates a carrageenan manufacturing plant on the waterfront on Lime Street, has a total assessment of $36.5 million.

State law, however, exempts $15.7 million of that assessment from local taxes through the business equipment tax exemption program. If not for the exemption, the company would have been billed an additional $355,000 by the city. The bill with that exemption is $471,000.

Douglas Dynamics LLC, which manufacturers Fisher snowplows and related equipment in the Industrial Park, is the second largest taxpayer, with an assessment of $17.8 million million and a tax bill of about $403,000.

Douglas is also a beneficiary of the state business equipment exemption program. The company receives an exemption on $15.2 million on its personal property.

Central Maine Power is the third biggest taxpayer in Rockland, with an assessment of $13.9 million and a bill of about $314,000.

The O’Hara Corporation is the fourth-highest taxpayer in Rockland, with properties assessed at $13.7 million and a bill of about $310,000.

Harbor Plaza Limited Liability Co., the owner of the shopping center on Camden Street, has an assessment of $12.8 million with a bill of $289,000. This does not include personal property such as equipment owned by the commercial tenants in the shopping center.

HD Development of Maryland Inc. (The Home Depot) is assessed at $10.4 million with a tax bill of $235,000.

Rockland Plaza Realty Corp. is assessed at more than $8.6 million. The owner of the shopping center on Maverick Street is being billed at around $194,000. This also does not include the personal property owned by the tenants.

Maine Water is assessed at about $6.3 million with a tax bill of $142,000.

Rockland Harbor Park LLC, which owns the former MBNA office complex on the waterfront, now leased by SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc. and the Penobscot Bay YMCA, has property assessed at $6.1 million with a tax bill of about $138,000.

The Breakwater Marketplace on Camden Street is the 10th-highest taxpayer in Rockland, with an assessment of nearly $5.7 million and a bill of about $129,000.