ROCKLAND — A new Nissan Leaf arrived in the parking lot of Rockland City Hall Aug. 31.

The city will lease the all-electric car for three years. The total lease payments over those three years will be $5,400.

Efficiency Maine is picking up the remainder of the costs.

Efficiency Maine is an Augusta-based, quasi-public nonprofit organization that is promoting electric cars to reduce energy use and reduce greenhouse gases. Funds for the $5.1 million worth of rebates came from Maine’s settlement in a 2018 multi-billion-dollar lawsuit against Volkswagen vehicles.

Rockland eyed leasing two Hyundai Konas back in June, but that pool of money was gone before approval was received. The Leaf is being paid for from the next round of grants.

Rockland City Manager Tom Luttrell said the vehicle will be used by city staff to perform their duties, such as the code officers going to inspections around the community.