ROCKLAND — The following is news from the Rockland Golf Club:

On Sunday, Aug. 29, in men’s individual points play, the team of James Anderson, Rusty Worcester and Kevin LaBree, along with the group of Gary Riff, Mike Bonzagni, Lou Pieri and Mark Anderson, tied for first at -4.

Sweeps: James Anderson, first gross 71; Chip Allen, second gross 75; Dave McLellan Jr., third gross 77; Kevin LaBree and Mark Anderson, tied first net 68; and Charlie Brown, third net 69.

Pins: Mike Bonzagni, 3-4 on the fifth hole; and James Anderson, 5-7 on the 10th.

Skins: Gross — Andy Arey on the 14th; Chip Allen, 15th; James Anderson, 16th; and Bill Willis, 18th. Net — Dave McLellan Sr., 11the; Andy Arey, 13th and 14th; Chip Allen, 15th; and Rusty Worcester, 17th.

On Thursday, Aug. 26, in women’s association individual points play, Monica Clark finished first at 37; Donni Witham, second at 36; Mary Clewett, third at 35; Joanna Schleif, Kathy Sprowl and Molly Mugler, tied at 34; and Madolin Fogarty and Kate Hewlett, tied at 33.

Pins: Becky Gamage, 9-3 on the 10th hole; and #18 Donni Witham, 7-3 on the 18th.

On Sunday, Aug. 22, in men’s individual points, James Anderson finished first; Rick Erickson, second; Andy Arey and Charlie Brown, tied fourth; and Dave McLellan Jr., fifth.

Sweeps: James Anderson, first gross 74; Dave McLellan Jr. second gross 76; Jason Willis, first net 72; and Andy Arey and Rick Erickson, tie 74.

Skins: Gross — Jason Willis, fourth, fifth and 12th; Dave McLellan Jr., seventh and 18th; and James Anderson, 14th and 15th. Net — Mark Manzi, first; Charlie Brown, second; Jason Willis, fifth; and Lou Pieri, 13th.

Pins: Jason Willis, 3-1 on the 10th; and Dave McLellan Jr., 13-1 on the 18th.

On Saturday, Aug. 21, in men’s one best-ball gross play, the foursome of James Anderson, Mark Manzi, Mark Anderson and Charlie Brown finished first at 129.

Sweeps: James Anderson, first gross 74; Jason Willis, second gross 77; Paul Schelble, third gross 78; Scot Arsenault, first net 66; Mark Anderson, second net 69; and Mark Manzi, Charlie Brown, Mike Bonzagni and Andy Arey, tie third net 70.

Skins: Gross — Larry Goldsmith, on the sixth hole; Andy Arey, 11th; and Randy Sturks, 17th. Net — Kevin Kaler, second; Mark Anderson, fifth; Jeremy Young, ninth; and Randy Sturks, 17th.

Pins: Mark Anderson, 26-9 on the 10th; and Scot Arsenault, 36-6 on the 18th.

On Thursday, Aug. 19, in women association individual gross/net play, for A Flight, Sally Stockman finished first gross 82; Sue Wootton, second gross 90; Kathy Sprowl, third gross 96; Madolin Fogarty, first net 69; Wendy Dewing, second net 71; and Jan Staples and Mary Clewett, tie third net 73.

For B Flight, Marty Jones and Monica Clark tied first gross 102; Joyce Cooley, third gross 106; Janice Ogier and Diane Bryant, tied first net 71; and Joyce Cooley, third net 76.

Pins: Jan Staples, 5-10 on the fifth; and Wendy Pires, 37-6.5 on the 10th.

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