ROCKLAND — Rockland’s code enforcement officer said only about one in 10 people notified that they are in violation of city codes fully comply.

The violations include operating short-term rentals without permits, and property maintenance deficiencies.

The code officer issued 18 formal notice of violations this year.

Rockland City Manager Tom Luttrell said once a violation becomes known, the code office investigates. He said the code office addresses the issue with the property owner and usually gives them a time frame to comply.

If the property owners do not comply they are issued a notice of violation. Once notices of violations are issued numerous times, the city contacts its legal counsel for advice. That can lead to a legal letter threatening court action or just filing with the courts.

“Unfortunately lately, the courts aren’t scheduling these (land-use violations) with the backlog of cases due to COVID-19. We are told to try and work it out. We have a case on Old County Road that our attorney is hoping to file with the courts,” Luttrell said.

In terms of short-term rentals, the city charges a $500 annual permit fee. The code office staff monitors web site that advertise short-term rentals and often finds ones in Rockland that have not registered with the city.

Ackor said when the city notified these owners that they are violation, some will take advertising down but continue to rent, and others don’t respond.

One area where property owners often fail to comply is when the city conducts a required inspection of apartment buildings before sales occur. Ackor said the office will work out agreements if code violations are found in the building. Sometimes, the current owner and prospective owner will agree to divvy up the work required, but after the sale will not follow through on the agreement.

He said about one in 10 people in violation fully comply.