UNION — More than 20 participants for the Beer Mile run joined the upper field at the Pour Farm, crowding around as the stereo blasted the “Star Spangled Banner.” At the sound of the cannon, runners sprang into action.

This Aug. 28 event was created by the Pour Farm’s owner, Bill Stinson, who wanted to offer something fun and active for both casual joggers and experienced athletes. This was the first of many in the near future.

“The Beer Mile is an offbeat race where you run a mile and drink four beers,” explained Pour Farm Owner Bill Stinson, “It’s not for everyone, but it’s a natural for folks who are fit, like to run and love beer. Today, we provided a fun and safe environment for about 30 beer milers to do their thing.”

Pour Farm employees and volunteers, as well as Stinson’s family, helped arrange the event, offering breakfast for participants. The local EMTs were notified of the event, in case of any medical emergency.

“We originally hoped to run the race at the Union Fair, but it didn’t work out, so we decided to run it here at the brewery. The camp road on top of Pour Farm Hill turned out to be a fast course.” said Stinson.

The race took place above the Pour Farm on the field, with the dirt road blocked off for runners to safely use without any vehicle traffic. Neighbors joined the crowd to watch the event. Once the race finished, everyone gathered back at the Pour Farm’s patio for drinks, socialization and find out who the winners were.

In an email correspondence to the Courier-Gazette, Stinson mentioned that this beer mile run would be added to the world record, at least in terms by beermile.com.

“There is a separate world record for every type of beer,” said Stinson. “Since this was the first time a beer mile was ever run with The Pour Farm beer, we set a world record today. Technically, to be recorded on the beermile.com website, the beers have to be consumed from a can or bottle. We don’t package beer that way, but maybe next year we’ll do a special bottling so the result can be published.”

Ultimately, there were three winners at the end of the half-mile race. Third place winner was Dylan Richardson, second place winner was Gabriel Blodgett, and first place was Christian Wincklhofer, who finished with 7:14 minutes on the timer. Winners were rewarded with growlers from the brewery.

The race was a mile long, with four 12-ounce beers that must be completely drained — and stay digested! — by the end of the race.

“We are definitely doing this again next year,” said Stinson.