The Knox County Commissioners are scheduled to meet Wednesday, Sept. 1, to award a bid for an airport facility that will house workers, pilots and maybe emergency medical staff.

The commissioners will specifically vote on whether to award the contract to D.P. Contractors Inc. of Brooks for $1,138,878. The county’s airport consultant recommended a special meeting be called so that the contractor can order supplies that are in short supply.

Construction is expected to begin Oct. 6.

The project will be paid for through the CARES Act money that the federal government awarded to Knox County. Knox County was notified last year that it will $18 million from the CARES Act which is meant to stimulate local economies.

Airport Manager Jeremy Shaw said the 2,000-square-foot operations facility is designed as a multi-use facility to house the current tenant (Penobscot Island Air) and also reserving a portion of the building for another use.

Although designed to be used by the county for prolonged snow removal operations, other plans include possibly making the county portion of the building available to first responders from the island communities that are on official business stranded on the mainland due to lack of transportation to return to the islands at a per diem rate, the airport manager said.

He said both alternate uses are still in development.

The facility is a six-bed, three-bath unit with four rooms reserved for the current tenant, and two rooms in a separate attached dwelling. The facility is for housing purposes only.

The building will replace the structure at 10 Benner Lane.