ROCKLAND — Midcoast Sailing Center, a program of the Sail, Power and Steam Museum in Rockland and home to Sail Kids For Free, a free youth sailing program is extending its sailing season through the month of September.

“We’ve had a lot of requests for adult sailing lessons and charters this summer,” said Program Director Diane Sternberg, “and now that our free youth sailing program is finished for the season, we’ll have more staff time available to fulfill those requests.”

“The Sail, Power and Steam Museum is devoted to celebrating the maritime and industrial heritage of our area,” added Capt. Jim Sharp.

“We have wonderful collections of tools, engines and other items of historic significance to illustrate our local heritage of life on and around the sea; but we also have a collection of boats that are in the water and ready to sail!”

Midcoast Sailing Center was the brainchild of Sharp and his wife, Meg, who wanted to make sure the museum was interactive, giving people a chance to not just view collections, but also enable active participation to enjoy and learn about the art and science of sail.

From one-on-one lessons in smaller sailboats, such as a Widgeon, to small group charters or lessons onboard the museum’s Friendship Sloop, Persistence, reservations can be made tailored to the individual’s needs. Prices vary, depending on services provided.

For more information, call Diane Sternberg at 701-7625, or email