ROCKLAND — A fire in a load of demolition debris being carried in the back of a truck was doused quickly Aug. 25, due to the efforts of the city’s public services and fire departments.

The George Hall & Sons truck pulled into the gate leading to the city transfer station at about 11 a.m. when the fire was detected. Assistant Rockland Fire Chief Adam Miceli praised the transfer station staff for having the driver move the vehicle to the end of the recycling building where there was a fire hose.

The fire was kept at bay until the fire department arrived, he said.

“I’m certain that saved the body of the truck from more significant damage,” Miceli said.

The truck was carrying structural debris from a torn down garage. The kiln dried wood was piled such that it could have been a far more significant blaze without any pre-fire department intervention, the assistant chief said.

Damage to the truck was limited to a little paint damage.

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