From the desk of Development Director at Pope Memorial Humane Society Chrys deLorimier,

Do you know what a group of rabbits is called? A fluffle! There are other types of animals beyond dogs and cats at Pope Memorial looking for new homes. A wide range of companion animals have come through the shelter at some point, from big snakes and tortoises, to ferrets and almost every type of pet rodent.

Currently, there are three adoptable rabbits, two gerbils (Thing One and Thing Two), Chicken and Nugget the guinea pigs, and a green and yellow parakeet named Jade.

If you are a regular reader of this column, you already know there is also an adorable, housebroken pig, Andy, residing in the small dog section.

Nibbles is a small, 2.7 pound black bunny with big brown eyes. He is neutered and only a year old. He was given up because the owner was concerned other pets in the house may pose a danger to him. In fact, Nibbles thinks he is all the bunny you need and prefers to be your only bun. He has been hanging out at the shelter since the end of June and would love to have his own family. He loves his veggies and, although not much of a chef himself, is happy to share your salad and watch Star Wars with you.

Why might a small animal be worth considering? So-called “pocket pets” are simple to take care of. Small animals can help break into pet ownership, perhaps giving a chance for a parent to work with a child to develop caring pet-ownership habits.

Different species have their own charming tendencies, like the adorable ‘weet-weet’ of a guinea pig, how hamsters stuff their cheeks, or the variety of sounds a pet bird can produce. Smaller pets generally take less space to house as well.

Interested in adopting? You can see current adoptable animals, updated daily, at

Donations make a difference at Pope Memorial Humane Society-the shelter is independent, not associated with national associations and cares for over 1,000 of our communities’ homeless pets each year.

Your gifts give them safety and care, as well as a second chance at love. Thank you for caring about them as much as we do.

Top needs: canned pet food, trash bags in 33- and 13-gallon sizes and cleaning supplies. Thank you.