August 24 – 26: Mercury is in a superfine aspect with Pluto, driving you to look underneath what is being heard. You don’t trust and you’re suspicious, with good reason. Something is hidden. Your sixth sense is strong and you know it.

August 26 & 27: Mercury is in an awkward aspect with Jupiter. It’s too easy to become distracted. Jupiter takes Mercury (your thoughts) all over the place. You might be intending to accomplish too much and it’s not realistic. This is a busy time and all kinds of things will come up including people who need you.

August 29: Mercury enters into Libra and remains there until November 5. That’s a long time. It’s because Mercury will be turning retrograde in Libra on October 18 and remaining in Libra all that time until November 5. As always I recommend not to sign a legal document until Mercury goes direct if you can help it. A friend in “my” neighborhood got an offer he couldn’t refuse on his home. He and his wife put a hefty offer on a house that they love. I was good. I didn’t say a word. They are not believers in the wonders of Astrology. This took place during Mercury’s retrograde motion in late May. The day before the closing the buyer wanted them to deduct $24,000. from the agreed upon price. Their smart realtor said, “No way this is a legal document not a simple offer on a house.” They finally came into agreement and closed 2 weeks after the original appointed closing date. It did work out in their favor however it was as stressful time. I’m sure they would say it was worth it, now that they have moved in and love their new home. I had an experience with Mercury-retro myself. I tried to defy it and it backfired on me. A friend told me that of all people she knows I should’ve known better. Well, at least I took a chance with eyes wide open. It surely did not work out the way I wanted however in the big picture it’s a good thing it didn’t work. I was not aware at the time that this was a poor decision made in haste.

Just want to let you know that the month of September look to be very good. The New Moon on September 6 will launch us into a productive 29 day cycle of innovative thinking and creativity. I’m looking forward to it.

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