June was a record smashing month for local retailers.

Retail sales for the region — that includes all of Knox County as well as the adjacent towns of Lincolnville and Islesboro — set a record at $81.3 million in June. This is a nearly $12 million (17%) increase from June 2020. The June 2021 also exceeds the pre-pandemic Junes, according to the Maine Bureau of Revenue Services.

All categories of business saw record sales during the month.

Building supply sales again led the way as the construction boom continues. The higher numbers are also the result of higher prices for building materials. Building sales totaled $16.6 million in June, a 15% increase from 2020.

Motor vehicles sales — including motorboats — continued to run at high gear at $15.3 million for June, a 16% increase from 2020.

General merchandise sales — largely those at department stores — jumped 33% from a year ago, reaching $11.7 million for June.

Restaurants in the region saw their June sales double from a year ago, reaching $11 million. Last June, restaurants were not allowed to have indoor dining.

Lodging businesses saw the most dramatic increase, more than four times the sales from a year ago. June 2021 sales for local lodging businesses totaled $7.7 million, compared to $1.7 million in June 2020.

Taxable sales at food stores rose 13%, reaching more than $9 million in June. Most food is exempt from the state’s sales tax and not included in the figures.

A miscellaneous group of stores that include gift shops, antiques shops, jewelers, pharmacies and sporting good stores reported taxable sales of $9.8 million, a 22% increase from a year ago.

The region saw record monthly sales each month thus far in 2021.

Statewide, retail sales increased 26% from a year ago, reaching nearly $2.9 billion.