ROCKLAND — On Thursday, Sept. 2, the Farnsworth Art Museum presents a talk by Chief Curator Michael K. Komanecky. The talk, which will take place on Zoom beginning at 4 p.m., will focus on artist Robert Indiana and his Hartley Elegies series. The talk is in association with the ongoing Farnsworth exhibition “Robert Indiana: The Hartley Elegies,” which is on view in the museum’s Crosman Gallery through Jan. 2, 2022.

Elegy: a song or a poem expressing sorrow, or lamentation for someone who is dead. Komanecky will discuss a group of 10 silkscreen prints by Indiana created between 1989 and 1994 along with 18 related paintings. They were inspired by a 1915 painting that the prominent American modernist Marsden Hartley did in Berlin in memory of his fallen friend and presumed lover, Karl von Freyburg, a German soldier who was killed in October 1914, shortly after World War I broke out in Europe. A few years after Indiana moved to the island of Vinalhaven, he discovered that Hartley spent a summer there. Intrigued and inspired by Hartley’s work, Indiana created his Elegy paintings and prints as an homage to Hartley, with whom he felt a strong artistic and personal connection.

The fee for this program is $10 and free for Farnsworth members. For more information or to register, visit