“Peapod” by Ryan Kohler.

CAMDEN — Artists Ken DeWaard and Ryan Kohler are featured in a new exhibit at Camden Falls Gallery entitled “Conflicts in Compositions?” There is really no conflict involved in the show, it’s more of a juxtaposition of the paths these two artists travel creating their artwork. Perhaps best typified in the last three lines of Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken, “…Two roads diverged in a wood, and I; I took the one less traveled by; And that has made all the difference.” The show runs through Sept. 2 at 5 Public Landing.

A person becoming a professional artist is definitely on a road less traveled. This show should shed some light on an artist’s insight when first being moved by a muse they find inspirational, enough to record it on canvas in their own personal way.

“If traveling together, Ken and Ryan most likely would stay on the same road to harvest its rewards, as there is a camaraderie and friendship between fellow artists and combined passions that escalates profusely when the easels go up and the brushes come out,” said gallery owner Howard Gallagher.

Kohler lives in Skowhegan. His new works are bright, lively and fun, engaging the viewer with the possibilities of what it is that they are actually looking at.

“I’ve always liked puzzles, and now my paintings are a bit like puzzles to me, except I get to make my own pieces, and they don’t have to fit exactly,” he said. “Charmingly incorrect is what I’ve been shooting for with this entire body of work. When I am being too literal and too careful, the paintings feel uptight and labored.”

“Carefree Summer Day, Friendship ME” by Ken DeWaard.

DeWaard of Hope has more than 30 years of studying and teaching art and painting professionally around the world. He has taken top honors in some of the country’s most prestigious plein air events, including the Charles Movalli award in 2018 at the Cape Ann Plein Air event and winning First Place in 2019 at the same event.

“My style isn’t exactly loose, but more of a definitely placed stroke (be it a suggested stroke),” DeWaard said. “I’m not trying to give all the details, but enough to where the viewer can finish the story in their mind and through their experiences.”

Camden Falls Gallery represents more than 30 talented artists from New England and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, call 207-470-7027 or visit camdenfallsgallery.com.

“Monuments” by Ryan Kohler.