I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. I’ve been helping my human with some important work and doing something that I never even knew I could do! Have you ever had that experience? Specifically, have you “risen to the occasion” when facing a challenge and surprised everyone, including yourself? Well, that was what happened to me.

It all began a few weeks ago when my human decided to help out a local animal shelter. She agreed to foster a puppy that was being transported up from a kill shelter in West Virginia.

Yes, you read that right. She brought home an eight-week-old puppy for us to take care of for a few weeks!

Ilsa and I, and especially the cats, were not happy about this. We liked our routine just the way it was. But that all changed when this little guy showed up. Who knew that ten pounds of fluffy puppy could make such a huge impact? But he sure did! Suddenly, my human was getting up two and three times in the middle of the night to take him out to pee! Suddenly, there was crying and barking and leaping and running! And suddenly, I had to be a big brother to help train this little guy.

Everything was totally disrupted, and my human was putting all her energy towards training the puppy. At first, I was mad, and then I softened. My human explained that she had agreed to foster him so that he could be saved from a high-kill shelter. Imagine that, a little baby dog at risk. That made me sad. She also said that because we took him in, it gave the local shelter more room and so another puppy could be saved. Wow! Two puppies saved for a few weeks of inconvenience for us. I realized that we could do this. It sure was a noble cause, and I vowed to help.

We named the puppy Miles. He wasn’t brown and spotted like me or sold black like Ilsa. Rather, he was black and white and had a pink nose. He was a handsome fellow and my human remarked that his ear looked like a black and white cookie. One half was black, and the other half was white!

Anyway, Miles had been dumped at a shelter when very young, and without his mama. My human explained that when pups are taken from their Mama too young, they don’t learn any manners. Not that puppies have manners mind you, but these orphans really don’t. This puppy would try to jump up in my face constantly which isn’t a good thing to do to adult dogs. So, I had to “correct” him, which I didn’t even know that I knew how to do. But, with my human’s permission, when the puppy would charge at my face, I would snarl and growl. I would look as mean and scary possible, to let the puppy know that jumping in my face was not OK. I looked really scary but would never hurt the puppy. I just wanted to help. My human kept Miles on a leash so he couldn’t drive me too crazy, and after one week of me correcting him, he was much better! He also began to wake up less in the middle of the night, and I really started to enjoy him!

I hoped that we would keep little Miles and add him to our pack. But my human said no that he already had a home waiting for him, and that we had done our part. So, I will just have to wait until we foster again. I’m hoping we can save another life and that I can help a puppy transition from the shelter to being ready for his or her new forever home.

With Love,

Benny H.

Benny H. is a 7-year-old mixed-breed dog who enjoys writing, meeting new people, and providing companionship to his loving adopter, Liz Hoffmann. They live in Connecticut. Liz has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and opening her heart to shelter animals.