Ancient games, evolved customs

Compared to the Modern Olympic Games, our Washington Challenge Road Races don’t much resemble the ancient practices of the originals – except that excelling in feats of physical skill, strength and endurance makes heroes out of the athletes.

One notable difference is that the ancient (around 700 BC) Olympics athletes competed in the nude. According to History News Network sports such as running, discus throwing, wrestling, boxing and horse racing were practiced without protective clothing because the practice was thought to reduce the hindrance of a loin cloth.

Thank goodness for Spandex.

Public Lobster Supper

On Saturday, Aug. 21, Mt. Olivet Lodge is offering a Public Dine-In or Take Out Lobster Supper at the Masonic Hall from 5 to 6:30 p.m. The meal includes a whole steamed lobster w/butter, corn-on- the-cob, cole slaw, chips, dessert and drink. The lobster meal is $20 per person.

For dine-in patrons, there will be free hot dogs and chips for kids. Checks should be payable to Mount Olivet Lodge. The lodge is located a quarter-mile north of Washington Village on Liberty Road (Rt. 220.)

Coffee with Chloe

State Sen. Chloe Maxmin will be on hand for conversation and Q&A about legislation, pending bills or whatever questions and concerns we District 13 residents bring to her. The time is Saturday, Aug. 28, at 3 p.m. at the Jefferson Scoop Ice Cream Shop at 271 Waldoboro Road in Jefferson Village. Chloe is an active, engaged member of Maine’s legislature and I hope you will be there.

If you can’t attend (aw, come on) Chloe can be reached at or 200-6224.

Make a note

Kevin Johnson from Penobscot Marine Museum will be a guest speaker at Washington Historical Society’s Heritage Day Sept. 11 at 10:30 a.m.

An aspect of this presentation is to try to identify some of the people in some of the Kosti Ruohomaa’s photographs.

Summer fun…

Could have been a headline: Hound dog terrorizes kayakers!

Jere’s daughter, Jen, and her husband, Henry, were enjoying a relaxing sun bath on our dock with their dog, Louie. Three kayakers, innocently paddling by the dock caught Louie’s attention and suddenly – barking hysterically and slipping his leash – he charged full speed down the dock. The beast leaped and flung his body into the water while still wildly barking, terrifying the kayakers. When the dog hit the water, though, he flailed and gasped and coughed and realized he had never been in the water before.

He did not know how to swim! True to his species though, Louie began to doggy paddle and swam towards the dock where Jen and Henry retrieved him and brought him safely back onto the dock! Kayakers relaxed and dog-parents have an amusing story to tell. Louie not so much, I’ll bet.