WISCASSET — The saying goes it is not over until it is over, and it looks to be that way in the Norm’s Used Car Pro Stock Division at Wiscasset Speedway as Josh St. Clair of Liberty and Kevin Douglass of Sidney battle for the top spot to season’s end.

On Saturday, Aug. 14, Group 1 drivers took to the track, along with the Ideal Road Runners.

The 40-lap Norm’s Used Cars Pro Stock race saw Kevin Douglass take a second win of the season. The victory put him a few points away from leader Josh St. Clair.

Also on Saturday, Mark Lucas took the win in the 40-lap Maxwell’s Market Super Streets race.

Seth Woodard nabbed the checkered in the 20-lap Ideal Roadrunners event.

Andy Kaherl pulled up a spot in the winner’s circle after taking the victory in the 25-lap Brackett’s Market 4-cylinder Pro feature.

The results from the Schooner Bay Taxi Thunder 4 Mini event are pending post-race inspection.

During intermission, a hula hooping contest was held, sponsored by Ward and Sons Construction Kids Club. Trophies were provided by TW Trucking.

Results from Aug. 14 racing were:

Maxwell’s Market Super Streets (40 laps) — 1, Mark Lucas, Durham; 2, Matt Beers, Farmingdale; 3, Michael Harrison, Durham; 4, Colby Peacock, Yarmouth; 5, Devin Curit, Saco; 6, Mike Hodgkins, Jefferson; 7, Dominic Curit, Saco; 8, P.J. Merrill, Canton; 9, Bobby Mesimer, Wiscasset; 10, Darick Barker, Durham; 11, Glen Reynolds, Turner; 12, Mike Wallace, Wiscasset; 13, David Greenleaf, Westport; 14, James Osmond, Wiscasset; 15, Jason Oakes, Boothbay; 16, Dan Nessmith, Chelsea; 17, Sean Johnson, Oakland; and 18, Nick Morton, Woolwich.

Ideal Roadrunners (20 laps) — 1, Seth Woodard, Plymouth; 2, Mark Sawyer, town unavailable; 3, Kyle Enman, Durham; 4, Nicole Brown, Hope; 5, Richard Austin, Norridgewock; 6, Sharon Whitelaw, Readfield; 7, John Thomas Sr., Blue Hill; 8, Crystal Bourassa, Bristol; 9, Chris Ashton, town unavailble; 10, David Austin, town unavailable; 11, Skip Meservey, Warren; 12, Jason Meservey, Warren; and 13, Jeff Read, Sommersville.

Norm’s Used Cars Pro Stocks (40 laps) — 1, Kevin Douglass, Sidney; 2, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 3, Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin; 4, Josh St. Clair, Liberty; 5, Joey Peaslee, Thomaston; 6, Kevin Morse, Woolwich; 7, Rodney Brooks, Warren; 8, Joe Harriman, Liberty; and 9, Jamie Wright, Woolwich.

Brackett’s Market 4-Cyl. Pro (25 laps) —1, Andy Kaherl, Saco; 2, Ben Burgess, Hartford; 3, Ryan Hayes, Jefferson; 4, Cole Binnette, Lyman; 5, Marissa LaPointe, Peru; 6, Callahan Cox, Strong; 7, Nicole Benincasa, Buxton; 8, Jett Decker, Chesterville; 9, Daniel Harding, Fairfield; 10, Taylor Lane, Phillips; and 11, Garritt McKee, Dixmont.

Schooner Bay Taxi Thunder 4 Mini (25 laps) — (unofficial) 1, Jeff Farrington, Alna; 2, Doug Degroat, Oxford; 3, Jeff Davis, Woolwich; 4, Shane Webber, New Vinyard; 5, Cam Childs, Leeds; 6, Doug Churchill, Brisol; 7, Ches Williams, Hope; 8, Hunter Dodge, Freeport; 9, Michael Golding, Pownal; 10, Adreonna Dodge, Freeport; 11, Mark Golding, Pownal; and 12, Kyle Moore, Frankfort.