Here’s what’s up cosmically according to the planets as relayed to you by Ananur Forma for August 12 – 19, 2021.

August 12 – 13: Mars in Virgo is in an awkward aspect with Saturn in Aquarius. This could be called the ultimate for frustration with delays and obstacles.  I have had too many to count for the last 2 days. This has required incredible patience (didn’t know I had that much) and perseverance. One example: I ordered a steam tent online. The response came back 3 days later that it was “discontinued.’ So, I ordered it from a different company and it arrived. Yesterday the original order came so now there are two. I called that company and told them I‘d like to send it back and get my refund which has not shown up yet in my account and this took place August 3. The customer service person was baffled by all of this and said she’d take care of it. We shall see. With this aspect, things don’t work out the way they ideally ought to. People have been calling asking “is Mercury retrograde?” That’s because there are so many delays taking place. Last week I couldn’t understand why there was nothing in my mailbox for 2 days straight. A neighbor called and told me. Our mailman was on vacation. The Rockland Post Office administrator decided not to designate a replacement. I thought that the mail comes no matter what, even if there’s snow, sleet or rain. I found this to be surprising and most of all frustrating.

August 12 – 14: Venus and Jupiter are always friendly and never hurtful, except for those who struggle with addictions. Over doing it may seem enjoyable and harmless. Spending too freely, watching too much TV, eating too much bread, pastries, and sweet things all may seem pleasurable. This particular aspect between the benefic planets can lure you into overly indulgent behaviors. You might be at a celebratory event and choose not to regulate what you’re doing in the name of fun. Observe your behavior (not fun) to determine if you are acting out of an addiction.

August 12 – 14: The Sun in Leo is in an awkward aspect to Neptune in Pisces.  I’ve noticed that many musicians have planets in Leo and Pisces. This may account for some of them having trouble with drug and alcohol addiction. They love how they feel and the music that moves through them. So why quit? Good question. The experience of blending and becoming one with others while the music takes you into another dimension is intoxicating. I think this is why my father told me never to marry a musician. I did. It didn’t last. My father said, “the music will always come first.” While the Sun is awkwardly aspecting Neptune you may be feeling spaced out. Taking drugs (medication included) might catapult you beyond what is your usual experience. You’re much more sensitive when this aspect is playing out. You could be prone to allergies acting up. This could cause you to be too tired to get much accomplished. Your immune system may need more care. Cut out the sugary foods.

August 15 – 16: Here’s a time you’ll swear that Mercury is retrograde even though you know it’s not. Mercury is in an awkward aspect (mathematical relationship) with Saturn. Thinking clearly is not happening. Worrisome thoughts and frustrating circumstances are plentiful. You’ll have delays and obstacles in accomplishing what’s on your list.

August 15 – 17: This aspect is not one of my favorites. The Sun is in an awkward aspect with Pluto. Those with overpowering personalities are dominating, leaving some of us in the background unheard and unnoticed. Hopefully you hold your ground. Don’t allow someone to manipulate you. Abusive situations take place. Perhaps you’re a “protector archetype” able to help in some way? Leo people generally are naturally protective of those they consider to be weak.

August 16: Venus enters Libra and remains in this harmony seeking air sign until September 10. Air signs are great at conversing and philosophizing. Doing what you do as a couple is what you want. There is a focus on being in a love relationship during this phase.  If single, you are wanting more than ever to find the right partner to spend time doing what you love. Together. You don’t want to argue with anyone. You find yourself compromising more than you wish you had. Color plays an important role. You might feel like painting walls. Going to a gallery or museum or taking an art class to fulfill your need for color and beauty is now on the top of the list. With Venus in Libra anything that you consider to be ugly or smells bad is a turn off. Looking at life to emphasize beauty is what makes sense and brings peace to your Soul at this time.

August 17 – 19: The Sun in Leo is opposite Jupiter in Aquarius. This is an ideal time for a cause oriented gathering whose focus is to increase its numbers with new enthusiastic volunteers. There are new members. They enthusiastically share the same outlook. This will bring new ideas into being. Ideas are discussed, fairly because Venus as mentioned above, is in Libra and is making an impact until September 10th.