ROCKLAND — The following is news from the Rockland Golf Club:

On Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 14-15, the club champions were crowned in a 36-hole, stroke-play event.

James Anderson (70-70—140) and Tammy King (83-79—162) emerged as the overall champions.

Men’s Championship Flight: Dave Mclellan Jr., first gross 75-72—147; Randy Hooper, second gross 77-71—148; Sean Fogarty, third gross 78-73—151; Scot Arsenault, first net 66-68—134; Skip Heald, second net 71-70—141; and Peter Stuart, third net 69-75—144.

Men’s A Flight: Bill Willis, first gross 80-84—164; and Lincoln Page and Mike Bonzagni, tied first net 73-71—144.

Women’s Flight: Nancy Carlson first gross 86-84—170; and Madolin Fogary, first net 72-72—144.

On Sunday, Aug. 15, in men’s individual points play, Sean Fogarty and Randy Hooper tied for first at +4; and Kevin Kaler, Rick Knight, Mer Doucette, Skip Heald and James Anderson, tied third at +3.

Sweeps: James Anderson, first gross 70; Randy Hooper, second gross 71; Dave McLellan Jr., third gross 72; Skip Heald, fourth gross 74; Kevin Kaler, first net 67; Rick Knight and Scot Arsenault, tied second net 68; and Sean Fogarty, fourth net 69.

Pins: Scot Arsenault, 5-4 on the fifth hole; and Bill Willis, 11-6 on the 18th.

Skins: Gross — James Anderson, fourth; Mer Doucette, seventh; Sean Fogarty, eighth; Dave McLellan, 10th; Randy Hooper, 16th; and Bill Willis 18th. Net — Mer Doucette, seventh; Sean Fogarty, eighth; Tom Quantrell, ninth; Dave McLellan Jr., 10th; Lincoln Page, 12th; Scot Arsenault, 14th; and Bill Willis, 17th.

On Saturday, Aug. 14, in men’s individual points play, Scot Arsenault finished first at +6; James Anderson, second at +3; Bill Willis, third at +2; and Warren Marshall and Paul Schelble, tied for fourth at even.

Sweeps: James Anderson, first gross 70; Paul Schelble, second gross 76; Scot Arsenault, first net 66; and Bill Willis, second net 69.

Pins: James Anderson, 4-8.5 on the fifth; and Lincoln Page, 16-6 on 18th.

Skins: Gross — James Anderson, fifth, 15th and 17th; Paul Schelble, ninth; Sean Fogarty, 11th; and Andy Arey, seventh. Net — Mike Bonzagni, first and third; Scot Arsenault, sixth; Andy Arey, seventh; Lincoln Page, 10th and 18th; and Sean Fogarty, 11th.

On Friday, Aug. 13 in Midcoast Cancer Classic, the results were:

Men’s Flight — Larry Goldsmith, Victor Goldsmith, Peter Imber and Bill Bachofner, first at 60; Bill Barbour, Phil Lambert, Joe Keller and Chris Behan (match of cards), second at 61; and Craig Lord, Tom Quantrell, Rick Knight and John Sullivan, third at 61.

Women’s Flight — Sue Wootton, Marty Jones, Kathy Sprowl and Sally Stockman, first at 66; Helen Plourd, Jean Sweetser, Marie Cates and Yuklko Bigney, second at 69; and Jan Staples, Martha Bouchard, Joni Hall and Carol Mather, third at 71

Mixed Flight: Sarah Tolman, Tony McKim, Daryll Day and Tim Irons, first at 60; Nikki Boutin, Jamie Boutin, Jim Raye and Jon Hardy (match of cards), second at 61; and Jennifer Murray, Paul Murray, James Murray and Matthew Murray, third at 61.

Pins: Carol Burnham, 6-1.5 on the fifth hole; and James Murray, 12 inches on the 18th.

Longest drives: Nikki Boutin for women and Matthew Carlson for men on the 13th hole.

On Thursday, Aug. 12, in women’s association play, for A Flight, Nancy Carlson finished first gross 83; Kathy Harper, second gross 91; Sue Wootton, third gross 93; Kathy Sprowl, first net 70; Kate Hewlett, second net 71; and Kathy Macpherson, third net 73. Nancy Carlson finished with the fewest putts at 24.

For B Flight, Joanna Schleif finished first gross 103; Marty Jones, second gross 109; Monica Clark, third gross 110; Joyce Cooley, first net 74; Joni Hall, second net 77; and Mary Clewett and Martha Bouchard, tied third net 82.

Pins: Kathy Sprowl, 38-2 on the 10th; and Joni Hall, 34-3 on the 18th.

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