HOPE – The town may soon hire a new Code Enforcement Officer.

Town Administrator Samantha Mank has been serving in a dual role heading up the town office and serving as the Code Enforcement Officer. The two jobs were held by the same person traditionally in Hope, but the town is looking to make a change in keeping with what is happening in other towns all over the state.

Select Board Chair Sarah Ann Smith said the town is the only one in the state that still has the town administrator (or manager) as a combined position with the code officer.

Mank said she has been working on the job description for the new separate position. She expects it will be a part-time job with a stipend of about $7,500 per year.

In some cases, a Code Enforcement Officer works part-time for several small towns at once.

The position will be advertised at some point for a Code Enforcement Officer/Local Plumbing Inspector.

Mank said the amount of work can vary. When a lot of projects are proposed in the town or if there is an ongoing issue stemming from a complaint or violation, it can be a full-time job. At other times, things are slower.

Mank said the town will also likely soon have a new town clerk. Chelsea Summers has been filling in since the previous town clerk recently resigned.

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