Camden filmmaker, sailor and founder of Compass Light Productions, David Conover, will share his vision and preparations for ArcticEarth Expeditions at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 11, at Camden Yacht Club and via livestream.

ArcticEarth is a new six-year commitment by Compass Light Productions to position a vessel and crew in the new Arctic, extending 30 years of filmmaking work in the area. The focus is to deepen engagement and access to the Arctic Ocean, Baffin Bay, and the Labrador Sea — plus the southern gateway that is the Gulf of Maine. This summer Conover is prepping the 56-foot s/v ArcticEarth, a specialty aluminum expedition vessel designed by Ed Joy and Chuck Paine of Camden.

Conover was born and raised in a New England family with strong ties to the sea and a tradition of active storytelling. He and his two sisters and brother grew up around boats, inspired by the adventures of their parents Deedee and Connie. Conover attended Bowdoin College, where he majored in religious studies. His collegiate highlight was a sea semester at the Williams College-Mystic Seaport program, where he learned celestial navigation and researched the Arctic schooner Bowdoin. After college, with a 100-ton USGC license, he crewed the 51-foot aluminum sailboat Zimba. He crossed the Atlantic with his family and entered (and dismasted) in the 1990 Two-Star Transatlantic Race. He spent five years as an instructor at the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School. For three decades he has led Compass Light Productions, producing over 30 films in the Arctic, and over 400 films worldwide.