ROCKLAND —A 39-year-old Rockport man is expected to make his initial court appearance Aug. 9 after being arrested for trying to strangle a woman.

Charles Bill was arrested Aug. 6 on a warrant charging him with aggravated assault.

An affidavit filed in court by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office states the department began investigating the case when a woman filed paperwork in court, seeking a protection from abuse order against Bill.

The attempted strangulation is alleged to have occurred July 27 outside their home; she reported he choked her until she fell to the ground and struck her head.

Other allegations against Bill included that he attempted to injure their animals with his car, and that he took her phone during physical altercations so she could not call for help. He is also alleged to have trashed their home, breaking doors and a television.

Also in July, he is alleged to have been driving with the woman and their 4-month-old baby when he abandoned them on the side of the road in Maryland, with no money or phone.

He is being held at the Knox County Jail in Rockland. Bail is currently set at $5,000 cash.