SOUTH THOMASTON — The South Thomaston Selectboard voted Aug. 4 to pay residents and others who frequent the town for getting vaccinated.

The town will pay people $200 once they are fully vaccinated. The payments will be for people who get vaccinated from Aug. 4 through Sept. 12.

Selectboard Chair John Spear said even though Knox County and South Thomaston have higher than average vaccination rates, the town wants more people vaccinated.

“With school going to open soon and colder weather coming, we felt it was time to encourage more people,” he said.

He noted President Joe Biden recommended that communities use some of their American Rescue Plan money to pay people to get vaccinated. Spear said he hopes other communities will do the same as South Thomaston is doing.

Those eligible are residents, people who work in town, seasonal residents and people who frequent the town, such as delivery drivers.

“If only four people take advantage of it, I will feel good,” Spear said.